Awesome / Ocean's Eleven

  • "If you ever ask me that question again, Daniel, you will not wake up the following morning!"
  • "I don't understand... what happened to all that money?"
  • "You of all people should know, Terry. In your hotel, there's always someone watching." (Cue Clair De Lune)
    • If you watch closely, the Bellagio Fountains display whenever they're on screen, have their actions perfectly synced to whatever part of Clair De Lune is playing, a specially looped version of said piece, to boot.
  • A villainous version in the second film, when Benedict tracks down everyone involved in the heist, several of whom don't even bother to try and lie their way out of it, knowing full well why he's shown up.
  • Also from the second film, Toulour is able to get past a high-tech intruder detecting laser field by capoeira dancing through it.
    • Let's get the context straight here: This is a system that is so advanced and so unpredictable and has the entire team utterly panicked on how to deal with it, and Toulour solos the damn thing with simple athleticism.
  • Linus's growth across the films from just a talented pickpocket to having major roles in the ultimate heists for both sequels.
  • Speaking of Linus, the fact that his parents have managed to maintain the greatest cover any American based thief could ever hope for: jobs as high end FBI Agents - their reputation is not without merit.