Awesome: OFF

  • The Judge gets one at the very end of the game. He stood in front of the guy who had killed the entire world except for that little room, called him and his boss out on it, and made a last stand for the entire world even if you didn't join him, and even if he thinks it's useless. All this while being a cute lil' cat, mind you.
  • A very very minor example, but there is one Elsen in Zone 1 who continues to work in the mines even after learning that it's infested with specters. Ghosts be damned, this man has a job to do!
    "I'm...I'm working...I'm being productive...!"
    • He doesn't even begin to turn burnt from the stress of working in such an unsafe place.
  • Considering how weak and cowardly the Elsens usually are, seeing them defeat a group of Spectres on their own in Zone 3 is quite impressive.
  • A meta example: OFF managed to be the sixth most reblogged game of 2013 on tumblr. For comparison, every other game were from big-name franchises.
  • The Batter may destroy the universe in his purification, but it's still pretty awesome just how determined he is to his goal.