'Describe {{Nora}} here'? Easy. One word: EPIC.
* Kazuma's are multiple [[CanonSue even within the first chapter]]; the title of 'first' is a toss-up between headbutting Nora for threatening to eat his soul, his BadassBoast when Nora tries to invoke CantArgueWithElves, or diverting the attention of a rampaging MonsterOfTheWeek towards himself to simultaneously protect the {{muggle}} hostages and get the demon to slice through a couple of railings '''[[TryingToCatchMeFightingDirty to give him a pole on which to impale it.]]'''
* Nora decking Knell so hard he loses his [[StepfordSmiler Stepford Smile]] and part of his human-form seal
* The fight with Jeek. ''Especially'' Kazuma's BadassBoast-{{Determinator}} speech immediately afterward.