Awesome / No Way Out

    The film 
(Nothing yet, but here just in case.)

    The wrestling event 


  • Mark Henry performing a scoop slam on the 500 pound Viscera.
  • Foley has his retirement match against Triple H in Hell in a Cell. A pretty awesome match, it finishes with Triple H backdropping Foley through the cage and smashing him through a section of the ring. Then Foley got up. Finally, Triple H hits the Pedigree and retires Foley, giving the Hardcore Legend one hell of a send-off. J.R.'s post-match comments in regards to Foley's awesomeness were pretty awesome themselves.




  • The match between Undertaker and Kurt Angle was a CMOA for both men. If you have to ask why, consider this: Undertaker was around a month away from his 41st birthday, and Kurt Angle was arguably working well past his physical prime, suffering from a multitude of injuries. Nobody believed the two could put on even a decent match, yet they overwhelmed everyone with a certifiable Match of the Year candidate.


  • The Main Event had John Cena taking on a recently turned Big Show in a steel cage match, where if Cena was able to defeat Big Show, John Laurinaitis would be fired and the "People Power" era would come to an end. Thanks to some assistance from several superstars who were beaten up by the out-of-control Big Show in recent weeks, Cena finally put an end to Laurinaitis and his reign of terror with a win over Show.