Awesome / Ninjago

  • In "Snakebit" while the other three Ninja jump out of the way from the wrecking ball, Jay instead jumps ON the wrecking ball and backflips in mid-air and lands on the crane and knocks out the Fangpyre controlling it.
  • Three words: Ninjas vs. Great Devourer.
  • Zane unlocking his true potential.
    Zane: We're coming for you, Pythor!
  • How about Kai unlocking his potential? Having to choose between saving Lloyd or retrieving the last Fang Blade, flying out of an erupting volcano in a fireball cradling an unconscious Lloyd, and then passing out from the effort afterwards. Plus he was the one most desperate to unlock his potential.
  • While we're at it, Jay and Cole unlocking their true potential counts. Jay saved him and Nya by stopping a full speed roller coaster and Cole was able to save himself and his father from heavy rubble.
  • Nya is able to defeat all of the ninjas and create a alter ego called Samurai X by herself which is pretty amazing.
  • The battle against the Serpentine in "All Or Nothing". Skeletons return.
  • Garmadon using the combined power of the Golden Weapons to destroy the Great Devourer.
  • The fight with the pirates in the second episode of Season 2. Even Lloyd gets in some good moves.
  • In "Double Trouble" Jay's evil clones taunts Jay that he kissed Nya. In response Jay brutally beats up his evil self into oblivion.
  • Lloyd grabbing his mother and leaping out of the way in slow motion just as the Stone Warrior is about to kill them.
  • From "The Island of Darkness", we have the ninja regaining their powers, plus gaining new outfits and weapons and the fight scene that follows.
  • The penultimate episode has Evil Nya completely wiping the floor with all of the Ninja. Also, it has significant Crowning Moment of Funny elements mixed in.
  • From "The Ultimate Spinjitzu Master", Lloyd finally becomes the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master, which gives him the power to utterly destroy the Overlord and cure his father in the process.
    • The fight as a whole is awesome. This line in particular stands out:
    Overlord: You can't defeat me! Where there is light, there will always be shadow!
    Lloyd: Unless my light is brighter! (blasts the Overlord with a stream of light)
    • Don't forget the fact that Lloyd turns into a golden dragon made out of light!
  • The technoblade ability to hack the evil machines and (In some cases) transform them is pretty awesome.
  • The fact that the graphic novels are written by Greg Farshtey. Yes, he of Bionicle fame.
  • Zane pulls an amazing triple cross on the Overlord in the ninth graphic novel. Trying to explain it in mere words would be futile- it's just that confusing. Even in the book itself.
  • In episode 28, we see Garmadon's driving skills. Who knew that a guy as old as he is could jump a car across a chasm?
  • From episode 29, Zane and P.I.X.A.L. fighting the Nindroids together.
  • When Pythor returns, he manages to steal the Overlord hard drive and allies with him. Together, they are quickly able to capture Loyd!
  • Dareth telling a shark to back off, and the the shark listening!
  • The Ninja battling the Overlord in Cyberspace.
  • Garmadon breaking his oath of peace. Which leads to this exchange with Pythor:
    Pythor: But your oath! You swore never to fight!
    Garmadon: When you took my son, all bets were off.
  • In "Versus", after arguing over who Nya loves more and generally treating each other like crap, Cole and Jay finally put their differences aside, refuse to fight each other in their match, and rebel against Chen. Also, Cole giving the Jadeblade to Jay so he could move on instead.
  • Cole pulling an escape attempt in the factory in "Spy For a Spy" was this, especially when you consider he wanted them to throw him in a cell so he can grab the guards keys.
  • Garmadon's final battle with Clouse. He's floundering at the edge of a portal, lets go, launches himself across it, grabs Clouse to pull him in, and climbs up Clouse to get out of the portal. Your argument is invalid.
  • Nya turns out to be the decsedant of the Master of Water. It's the one thing to stop Morro's army. Nya just got levels of awesome.
    • She leads the Ninja to invade Stix to get the Realm Crystal, and her plan is genius. Using the other ninja to lower the enemy numbers and disguise herself as the Green Ninja to get in close to attack Morro, so Lloyd can get the Realm Crystal.
  • Skylor appearing in Cursed World Part 1.