Awesome / Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

  • The "Safe" ending was made of this. For starters, after you discover Ace's identity, you call everyone up and expose Ace as the killer, in a manner similar to Ace Attorney.
  • And afterwards, Snake proves he wasn't just bluffing about his strength. Ace is either apparently the strongest, or second strongest (after Seven) character in the game, and is armed with a gun with six bullets. Snake is a scrawny, pale guy with a false left arm (that has had its hand crushed). Yeah, and he's blind. Snake takes each of the bullets and lunges up to Ace.
  • Finally, Ace's death in the incinerator is meant to invoke the image of a Fire and Brimstone Hell. But it's climactic to watch him burn after knowing what happened 9 years ago.
  • The Memories of the Escape feature. The ability to replay each of the 16 rooms all over again, without having to restart the game.
  • The True Ending is just filled with them. Who knew that the act of turning the DS upside-down would be one as well?
    • The final puzzle alone is a wrap up of Moment of Awesome, Awesome Music and Heartwarming Moments all in one.
      Junpei: "I'm gonna do this on my own, [with my own mind]! I'm gonna solve this problem!"
  • Also from the True Ending, after Ace fails to open the q door, Seven knocks him to the ground with a single punch. It's very cathartic to watch.
  • While we're talking about Seven, how about him saving the kids in the previous Nonary Game nine years ago? A sublime example of Big Damn Heroes.
  • Let us not forget that the entire plot revolves around the fact that rather than just dying when put into a death trap that she lacked the skills to overcome at the time, Akane Kurashiki engineered a Stable Time Loop in which she'd create the means for her continued survival nine years after it happened.