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Awesome: Nick Fury
  • Escaping a nuclear bomb blast on a rocket powered motorcycle. Shirtless. While smoking a cigar and firing two machine guns. Nick Fury is CMOA.
  • And of course, this line he delivers to the Skrulls: "Oh yeah? Well... my God has a hammer!"
  • Don't forget delivering a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to a corrupt general who came up with the whole "Fake terrorists crashing a passenger jet full of innocent people as a distraction" plan in The Punisher MAX with his belt.
  • Surrounded and vastly outnumbered by hostile H.A.M.M.E.R. Mooks, he warned them not to mess with him. Result: not only did they surrender, but they also pulled a Heel-Face Turn and joined him.
    • In the first few issues of that series, Nick Fury was horrified to discover that Baron Strucker had been running a scam on him for years. In the last few issues, Strucker was horrified to discover that Nick Fury had been running the same scam on him. For years.
  • The climatic issue in the Yellow Claw storyline when Steranko's Art Evolution hit its full flower with funky surrealism and a mega four page spread that in the 1960s practically demanded you buy a second copy to see it all in one piece, or nowadays open up the fold out pages in the modern reprint books.
  • In the very controversial MAX miniseries, Nick, after a really awful day, hired a bunch of hookers. He wore them all out before the end of the night.
  • How does he deal with The Punisher's death in "War's End" from The Punisher MAX? He pisses all over the police investigating what happened, takes the war journal Frank wrote when they tried to look into it, torches Castle's home because of how depressed Frank was over his family being killed, then orders SHIELD to blackout an area of New York to finish what The Punisher started by killing Kingpin's wife.
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