Awesome / Nichelle Nichols

  • She and William Shatner share one: in the episode where Kirk and Uhura share a forced kiss, the studio wanted a second take where the kiss was averted, for use in broadcasts in the segregated South. The two of them proceeded to blow every single take — fake sneezing, coughing, weird faces, etc. Shatner even crossed his eyes at one point. Eventually, the producers gave up and kept the kiss as it was. Surprisingly, there wasn't the kind of backlash the studio expected, either: they only received one mildly negative letter, from a Southerner who said that while he was very pro-segregation, Uhura was such a babe he couldn't blame Kirk at all.
    • Particularly notable since, as mentioned on the main page, she was NOT happy about his attitude on set. But they were both on the same page about this, that the kiss HAD to happen.
  • When she found out that an episode of Star Trek: The Animated Series had been written where Uhura was in charge of the Enterprise, she was ecstatic, to say the least.