* Vance refusing to be sprung from jail.
** This requires some elaboration. Vance grew up in an abusive home, with his mother and himself being smacked around by his father due to Vance's being a mutant (and as it would be revealed, Vance's dad's frustration at repressing his own homosexuality). After having his arm broken by one of Galactus' heralds and being tortured by the mutant immortal Gideon, Vance came home to having his father start whaling on him. Vance telekinetically put his dad through a wall, resulting in his death. He turned himself in and was while he was acquitted of murder, he was convicted of manslaughter. Firestar convinced Namorita and Nova to spring him from the convoy taking him to jail, but Vance steadfastly refused. He told his teammates that he had been fairly tried and convicted and would serve his sentence, saying that just because he had the power to free himself, didn't give him the right. IncorruptiblePurePureness, thy name is Vance Astrovik.

!!! 2014 Series
* Speedball's LetsGetDangerous moment while raiding the Inhuman base.
* Vance in the final issue.
-->'''Vance:'' It's time for you to ''face justice''.