Awesome / New Jedi Order

  • In Dark Tide: Onslaught, Jacen finds himself captured by the Vong. He's trying to call his lightsaber to him, but he can't seem to do it. Then it flies away from him. He hears it ignite...and then another lightsaber igniting. His Uncle Luke has arrived, and while Luke doesn't start a fight with the Vong, he kicks nine kinds of hell out of them when they don't stand down. Primarily by use of a Force tornado that pummels them with rocks and debris from the ground around them.
    • Elsewhere, Anakin has to deal with a group of Vong hunting him and an increasingly ill Mara, all on his own. He manages to take down three individually, and when the remaining three catch up with him, they actually hesitate.
  • Ganner Rhysode's Last Stand in Traitor. He literally becomes one with the Force while holding off hundreds of Yuuzhan Vong warriors single-handedly, finally pulling a Samson and collapsing the building on himself and everything in the vicinity before he's overcome. This impresses the Vong so much that he winds up as a central figure in the Vong's Jeedai heresy, an invincible warrior called the Ganner who guards the gateway to the underworld. It also brings his character arc to it's conclusion: he started as an arrogant Glory Seeker who wanted to be a hero, but was humbled and started serving modestly after being wounded. His final realization that he is just the sidekick to Jacen's larger, more important actions results in him sacrificing his life to buy Jacen time, and consequently earns him the title of hero.
    "I am Ganner. This threshold is mine. I claim it for my own. Bring on your thousands, one at a time or all in a rush. I don't give a damn. None shall pass."
  • In one of the later books Corran, Anakin, and Tahiri are on a space station orbiting the homeworld of the Givin, whose leaders were not particularly happy to have them there. The Vong show up, and Corran assumes the Givin will turn them over to the Vong. The Givin, however, begin pitched battle with the Vong. Confused, Corran asks the Givin leader why the Vong didn't transmit their usual "Surrender the Jedi and we'll let you live" message. The Givin leader's reply? "They did. We did not believe them." After seeing dozens of worlds throw Jedi to the wolves (and get destroyed regardless), it was both awesome and refreshing to see one planet refuse.
  • Jacen's Final Battle with Onimi in The Unifying Force, wherein Jacen achieves oneness and activates Force Light in order to turn Onimi's own poisons against him, melting him into a puddle of goop. Considering all of the atrocities that Onimi has caused purely to ascend to Godhood, it's more than righteous and it causes the destruction of the Vong Citadel, ensuring that the War will finally end.
    • Luke's battle with Shimrra and the slayers also applies. He was able to easily defeat five slayers, despite powerful Jedi Kyp Durron unable to defeat a single weakened one. He's described as so in tune with the Force that he's able to move fast enough that he's a blur even to Jacen and Jaina's Jedi senses.
  • Rebel Dream has the Galactic Alliance tricking the Vong into invading a planet to try and destroy a fake superweapon and suffering a long series of defeats on the ground. Of note is Operation Emperor's Hammer, in which Vong infantry was lured in the open and suffered four minutes of Orbital Bombardment from the Lusankya, a Star Dreadnought. To put matters into perspective, three Star Destroyers can reduce the surface of a planet to slag in a matter of hours, and an Executor-class Star Dreadnought like the Lusankya has the firepower of at least one hundred Star Destroyers.
    Wedge: So, we're going to hit with an enemy they've never had the displeasure of facing. We're going to hit them with the Empire.
    Tycho Celchu: They're not going to like the Empire.
    • Most of the defense of Borelias qualifies, but no part more so than its climactic battle. Wedge is determined that, contrary to what the Vong and his own superiors expect, their defense will not be to the death. So he initiates Operation Emperor's Spear, using the aforementioned fake superweapon to lure the Vong into a confrontation and then abandoning it, launching a frantic, all-out assault on the Vong worldship while the rest of the garrison slips away. The end result is the very definition of a Pyrrhic Victory for the Yuuzhan Vong: They gain the planet, but lose the worldship and their general in the process. Even the fact that a Super Star Destroyer is sacrificed doesn't offset it, as the SSD was stripped to its bare essentials (the excess weapons, equipment, and crew redistributed to the rest of the fleet), and the lone person crewing (more like piloting) the ship—the commander in charge—manages to escape just before impact. To top it all off, as one of the last ones off the planet, Wedge personally engages and destroys an entire squadron of 12 coralskippers, in a damaged X-Wing.
    Wedge: Contrary to what you may have heard, this is not a suicide mission.
    • What makes this achievement even more impressive is that Wedge was forced to match wits with a very canny Yuuzhan Vong military leader (Czulkang Lah, father of warmaster Tsavong Lah) after he was forced to wipe out a less competent leader earlier than he'd intended (in order to save an important asset that had picked the wrong moment to arrive). Despite the challenge, he was able to use false intelligence "leaked" to the enemy to dictate the enemy's actions, and ended up holding out longer than anyone expected before finally withdrawing with most of his forces intact.
  • In Destiny's Way, Admiral Ackbar comes out of retirement to devise a complex gambit. The Yuuzhan Vong are fooled into believing they've located a secret base where Jedi and the New Republic command is hiding, in Ebaq 9, a star system with only one (apparent) way in or out. Their warmaster leads his fleet there and begins to attack what few forces are there. Then some New Republic reinforcements arrive. Then a huge New Republic fleet arrives, warping in along secret hyperspace routes provided by the Imperial Remnant; it's so huge, that the Vong warmaster's sensor board can't properly display them all. With the Vong trapped, the New Republic fleet tears the Vong fleet to ribbons. Portions of the Vong fleet attempt to retreat along the sole hyperspace route they know, and run into the minefield that the initial reinforcements dropped on their way in. The warmaster and the vast majority of his fleet are killed. The Battle of Ebaq 9 was a badly-needed morale boost for the New Republic, and the turning point in the war, the beginning of the end for the Vong.