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Awesome: Never Where
  • Richard killing the Beast and earning the name 'The Warrior' from Hunter, of all people.
  • Richard surviving the fucking Ordeal. That kind of mental pressure, after all that's happened to him - it's amazing he didn't crack.
  • Door opening a door in an assassin's chest.
  • The Marquis de Carabas' Batman Gambit. Baddies always tend to spout their evil plans in front of people they're gonna kill. So the Marquis bets on this, and gives his life to a friend for safekeeping so that he can resurrect after they've killed him. That's some Batman Gambit.
  • Hunter dealing out whoop-ass to everyone who wants it.
  • Door's switcheroo with the key and its copy, planting the real one in Richard's pocket, without him even noticing. And then her line when Islington realizes that the door she opens certainly does not lead to Heaven
    Door: No. I opened a door. As hard and far away as I could!
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