Awesome: Never Had A Friend Like Me

Never Had A Friend Like Me
  • After many chapters of Amanda's parents emotionally abusing her, Norm finally gives them what they deserve by cursing them with the flu, after making Amanda cry on Christmas morning.
  • Chapter 25 Norm teaches the anti-fairies and pixies a lesson after they try to kill her and Timmy. A particularly awesome/scary moment is his "World of Cardboard" Speech directed to his captive audience.
    Norm: That's an understatement. Maybe you and your buddies are starting to think your little magic tricks make you invincible. Maybe you think you're actually powerful enough to withstand any obstacle. I think you're just a bunch of idiots who've forgotten exactly who you're dealing with. There is a reason why genies spend most of the time locked up. We're famous for being tricky to deal with, but that because you don't want to deal with us when we're done playing around. We have no rules or real limitations on what wish we can grant. Do you have any idea what that means? Anything we want to do is possible as long as someone wishes for it. Da Rules, bad luck, and trying to achieve perfect order limits what you can do. Not a genie. And we have the raw magic power to back up that sort of limitless potential. I want you to imagine for a moment exactly what that means about the kind of wishes I've dealt with in the past. Not every master I've had was a saint. I've dealt with thieves, warriors, spies, murderers, psychopaths, and politicians. I've heard every warped idea they've ever considered to the point where I find any wish practically predictable. Even with the amount of twisting I can do to a wish, I have to grant some rather distasteful desires at times. I can honestly say that I've granted some wishes that would give you nightmares. Me and morality parted ways a long time ago. I need you to consider what this all means for you. I need you to consider exactly what it truly means when you've manage to make a genie, someone with enough magic to make you look like a second-rate stage magician and a history of granting wishes regardless of how unthinkable they might be ethically, completely furious with you.
  • Amanda standing up to Jorgen when he tries to take away Cosmo and Wanda and insults Norm, and kicking him in the boots. Sure, it didn't leave a mark, but Jorgen was impressed enough to back off.
  • According to chapter 29 and 30, Bob the boil is an Eldritch Abomination and has just been unleashed upon the world. That's quite a step up from what was seen in the show.
  • Amanda telling Bob, without even Norm by her side why he'll fail to conquer the world:
    Amanda: "Because if someone like me would stand up to you, what do you think everyone else in the universe will be like?
  • Anti-Cosmo and HP serving as the Big Damn Heroes.
  • Timmy calling out the Fairy Council for their Fantastic Racism, pointing out that the problem with Bob the boil was only solved due to involving a variety of magical creatures and that they need to learn to work with others when necessary.

Tales as Old as Time
  • When Amanda is forced to spend a dinner party with Remy in the sequel/spin-off, and he calls her ignorant and useless, she retaliates by telling him that she knows his purple ferret is actually a fairy.