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Awesome: Ned Stark Lives
The title says it all: Eddard Stark lives! (to fight another day). But, there are more in the series.
  • Jaqen H'ghar killing Rorge and Biter.
  • Ned calmly tells Tywin no member of his family will go South of the Neck to swear loyalty to Joffrey and Tywin will give him his granddaughter as a "ward". When Tywin mentions that he could have Ned and his daughters killed, he just replies then they will die together, the realm will know the Lannisters for the monsters they are, and Robb still has Jaime. Then he just leaves without permission or even addressing Tywin. Tywin is practically boiling with rage.
  • Walder Frey gets one when he revealed Tywin's treachery to the Starks. His heir Stevron then reminded the Starks that by defying the Lannisters, the Freys' situation got a whole lot worse. Robb then vows to send the North's bannermen in aid should the Freys require it.
  • Hot Pie killing Polliver
  • Robb killing Ramsay Bolton, and then coming back to life.
  • The battle of Meereen in chapter 33 of Part II. Daenerys rides Drogon into battle and burns down the Great Pyramid in honor of her murdered followers.
  • In chapter 26 of Part II, Ned leading armies of the North, the Night's Watch, and the Wildlings to defeat the Others at Winterfell.
  • In chapter 37 of Part II, Jon uses Lightbringer against an Other and a pack of wights. The wights disintegrate just being near it, while the Other flees in terror!
  • Sandor beating the Mountain.
  • In this fic, Tyrion is truly his father's son. Firstly, he managed to conclude a peace accord between the Lannisters and the Starks. After Tywin's death, he continues to do his best for his house, resulting in a three way grand alliance between the Lannisters, Tyrells, and Stannis against the Others.
  • In chapter 9 of Part II Sam and Eddard team up and kill an Other.
  • In chapter 48 of Part II, the aforementioned Southern Alliance forged by Tyrion fights a boatload of Others and wights in a truly awesome battle. There is a moment where all seems lost as the Others surround the Lannister lines, but the Vale forces appear right on time to attack the Others from behind and win the battle.
  • Part II's ending, when Daenerys manages to find the path east from Essos to Westeros, while riding one of her dragons as she laughs and shouts in joy.
  • Stannis in Chapter 30 of Part I has won Kings Landing and defeated The Lannisters. Upon seeing The Iron Throne what does he do? He orders the barbs beaten off and the edges smoothed off the swords. When protested due to its significance and history he claims that while its a throne, its also a chair and he plans on seating on it for a long time.
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