Awesome / Nazi Zombies

  • You had to admit, all the trailers must count.
  • The end of Richtofen's Grand Scheme causes Maxis to blow up the Earth. You had to admit, that was awesome.
  • If you follow Richtofen or Maxis, the resulting victory becomes one awesome moment for the victor... Too bad they BOTH screw the survivors over...
  • The Origins intro can be summed up as 30 seconds of Germans getting killed by zombies, 1 and a half minutes of showing how awesome the original characters were back then. and thirty seconds of letting the awesomeness lull down, right before the Giant Mecha stomps down on the bunker.
    • Let's elaborate, shall we? Dempsey crushes a zombie under his tank (no pun intended) before jumping down into the trenches and shooting them under his gun runs dry. Tossing it aside, Dempsey SLAPS a zombie, before smashing its head into a pipe, the gas inside crushing its head. Dempsey then takes out his knife and revolver and begins cleaving his way through the zombies. Then we pan over to Nikolai, who shoots zombie with his pistol, before taking a hatchet and cutting of a zombies leg and then stabbing it in the back all in the same swing, before using the hatchet to CUT A ZOMBIE IN HALF! Nikolai then throws it towards another zombie, before shooting the other zombies with his Olympia. We then pan over to Takeo, who stabs a zombie behind him, grabbing its head and pulling it over his shoulder before decapitating it, before cleaving his way through zombie after zombie, before finally meeting up Dempsey and Nikolai.
  • The final scene of the Black Ops III trailer: a horde of yellow-eyed zombies trying to get to you. Zombies is back!
    • The end of Der Eisendrache Easter Egg, You blow up the moon.
  • Playing as a spider by following a series of steps in Zetsubou no Shima. Who needs a weapon when you can BE a weapon!