Awesome: Nation

  • For starters, Mau gets one almost every chapter:
    • Sort of a minor one, but he saves Daphne from drowning. Not awesome until you remember that he was considering drowning himself at the time.
    • While saving a guy who hates him, there is a shark coming for them. He shouts it down, scares the shit out of it, and it runs away.
    • He outruns the God of Death.
    • He beats First Mate Cox using a shark and his own blood.
    • He gets milk for a starving child by personally milking a large, drunk pig. Most important here is the fact that pigs can't be milked by hand: he had to put his mouth to the pig's muddy, stinking belly and suck out a mouthful of milk, spit it into the container he'd brought, then repeat....
    • Probably the premise of the story counts as a Moment of Awesome for him, too; he single-handedly recreates a Nation from people who have been washed up after a tidal wave, at the same time hating the gods, refusing to believe in the gods, talking to the gods, and having no soul.
  • And let's not forget Ermin - I mean, Daphne.
    • She poisons a man because she knows he won't take the time to make it safe
    • She saves Mau from the land of the dead
    • Her medical aid to various prisoners and captives near the end. She is a well-brought-up lady who hates blood, and has incidentally just sawn someone's leg off.
      "I thought you hated the sight of blood."
      "That's why I try to stop it."
    • The flashback to the Wounded Gazelle Gambit she played on her sadistic cousin.
  • Daphne's father gets one, just after he's been crowned King, when he immediately takes the opportunity of ranking higher than his mother to give her a piece of his mind.