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Awesome: Natalya Neidheart
  • TLC 2010 gave us two. First she locked LayCool (that's right both of them) in a Double Sharpshooter (that she later used again only with Eve Torres in Michelle's place at the Royal Rumble). Secondly she threw them both off the top rope onto the table and when it didn't break she jumped off and splashed them right through it to win the match.
  • Seeing her slap Vince McMahon right in the face at WrestleMania 26 was just brilliant. Doubles as a CMOF for Matt Striker's Fourth Wall Leaning line "best of luck in your future endeavours Natalya".
  • Any time she squats while doing a vertical suplex.
  • Pretty much all of her matches can be viewed as them. She is truly one of the best wrestlers in WWE and can have a good match with just about anyone. She even brought Maria Kanellis and Cherry (read: those two were baaaaaaddd) to good matches and really brought the best out in Layla during their feud.
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