Awesome / Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

  • Naruto vs. Sasuke in the Sasuke and Sai arc, Naruto vs. Kakuzu, Naruto vs. Pain. Fighting these crowning moments and having it feel like the manga and anime is even more awesome.
  • Particularly, the end of the Jiraiya vs. Pain fight, when almost dead from wounds, Jiraiya forces himself to his feet and, with his last bit of life energy, forms a gigantic Rasengan that destroys one of the Paths of Pain.
  • In the Naruto vs. Sasuke rematch, Naruto displays none of the indecisiveness that he did in canon. He may have been weakened by using the four-tailed state on Orochimaru, but he was going to fight tooth and nail against Sasuke. By contrast, Sasuke underestimates him...and pays for it. Even with his Sharingan up, Naruto managed to dodge his blitzing attacks and nearly breaks his jaw with a punch. Sasuke is then sent flying into the wall, and finally, Naruto creates an Odama Rasengan, Sasuke counters with a Chidori Gatana. Naruto overpowers Sasuke, making his Odama grow to monstrous proportions and sends Sasuke flying into the wall. If you win with an S-Rank, you get a 'Difference in Growth' award. What is strange is how Sasuke reacts in the end. We get that he's stronger canonically at that point, but come on, show him retaining the injuries he received in the fight!
  • Naruto and Pain's final fight? After Naruto manages to go toe to toe with the strongest ninja alive (albeit with a lot of caveats there, including Pain being weakened before the fight but still), ending with a maneuver that finally defeats the last Path, the Deva, which leads to one of the finest original moments from the game. As Naruto strikes the Deva with his Rasengan, a shocked Pain looks to Naruto...and sees the image of Jiraiya behind Naruto, guiding his student to victory. Slowly, Pain closes his eyes in acceptance, realizing he's truly lost the battle.