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Yes, Norio Wakamoto is the only seiyuu who's got his own Crowning Moment Of Awesome page (at least, until his protege Tomokazu Sugita, known by fans as his pseudo-successor, gets one as well. Still it means that Wakamoto would be the first to get an Awesome page.). If that itself isn't awesome on its own, just read on and be awed.

  • Following the 2011, March 11 earthquake, Wakamoto was among the unaccounted-for, causing a great deal of worry for his fans. Finally, 2ch reported that he was alright, having sent word to friends and family to let them know that he was okay...and then immediately went off to help with the rescue and recovery efforts (helps that he WAS a policeman before he was a seiyuu). There's a reason people love this man, tropers.
  • For a role-based awesome, even if it was Nightmare Fuel-tastic...him voicing Chousen, the Macho Camp Gender Flip of Diao Chan, could count, as it proves that he can also do a convincingly gay character and possibly make it one of the most awesome things in the show. As a Youtube user commented...
    Leave it to Wakamoto to turn the gayest character into the most awesome character in the show

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