Awesome / My Mad Fat Diary

  • Finn Nelson, ladies and gentleman.
    Finn: You don't tell me who I can and can't fancy, alright? That is mine. That belongs to me. No one else. No one. Not even you.
    • What makes it so great is that he's actually talking to his girlfriend, the girl he loves, when she badmouths herself and tells him neither she nor other people can understand why he'd like her.
  • Rae emerges from the chip shop, hurrying home so that no one will see the period stain on the back of her skirt. Once she is outside, the three chavs (who had been harassing her for a while before this) start insulting her, calling her a 'scrubber' and making fun of her 'jam stain'. Finn comes out and hits the leader in the face and threatens to 'curl him up' if he doesn't apologise to Rae. He does so and the three run off terrified. Cue stunned but thankful look from Rae, since she and Finn hadn't got on up to this point.
  • Rae telling Stacey off at the restaurant in 'Girls'.
    Stacey: Rae, where are you going?
    Rae: I don't want to be here.
    Stacey: What do you mean?
    Rae: I don't want to be around you. I've got nothing against the rest of you.
    Stacey: What did you just say?
    Rae: You're mean and you're not a nice person. You manipulate everybody!
    Stacey: No, I'll tell you what is about, Rae. This isn't about me. This is about the fact that you can't eat in front of people!
    (Rae does exactly that by eating a slice of her pizza in front of them all — for the first time in her life)
    • Chloe gets one of her own later on in the same episode. She succeeds in not only humiliating Stacey but in turning her Girl Posse against her.
    Stacey: What are you going? Chloe, I said we weren't hanging around with her. Ever! Don't care how long you've know her!
    Chloe: I'm sorry, Rae.
    Stacey: Go on, Rae. Piss off!
    Chloe: Actually, Stacey, I'm apologising for not doing this sooner.
    Stacey: Doing what sooner?
    Chloe: Telling you to piss off. I had to gather my evidence first.
    Stacey: What are you talking about?
    Chloe: Well, on Wednesday, you said of Vicky — and I quote — "She needs to stop putting so much foundation on. I know she wants to hide her skin but it doesn't. It just makes it worse. Pretty soon, she'll be putting it on with a trowel. Someone should say something."
    Stacey: (fake laugh) I didn't say that.
    Chloe: On Thursday, you said of Lois, "Lois is so desperate for a boyfriend, she's even started to create fictional problems. I find it so sad. D'you know, her problem's always been that her standards are way too high. If she dropped 'em, then she might have a Real Life boyfriend. Someone should say something.
    Stacey: I didn't say that, Lois.
    Chloe: On Saturday, you said of Amy...
    Stacey: (getting angrier) I didn't say ANYTHING, Chloe. You've got no proof of any of this. (smug grin)
    Chloe: D'you know, I thought you might say that. So I took the liberty of recording everything you said at your birthday . (takes out a tape recorder)
    Stacey: (recorded on tape, whispering) Guys, is Amy serious about wearing that trackie top on a night out? (laughing) I mean, I know she's got this whole "keeping the street cred" thing going on, but seriously she just looks ROUGH. Someone should say something.
    Chloe: Someone is saying something, Stacey. I'm saying something.
    Stacey: (turning to Amy) Amy...
    Amy: (angrily) Don't bother.
    Chloe: I'm saying you're a bitch and it's just come right back and bit you on the arse. Right? Now piss off.
    (Stacey walks off on her own)
    • Rae comments about Chloe that 'in the game of bitches, there is only one Queen Bitch'.
  • YMMV, but Rae burning the Wonderbra billboard is this. She's practically done with being insecure about her weight and dislikes this more thinner and buxom standard of beauty to be pushed further more.
  • Rae standing up to Chloe's Bastard Boyfriend and his friend after an attempt to get Chloe out. She's able to tune out their insults about her weight and looks and makes them back off, she also succeeds in saving Chloe.