Awesome / My Little Pony: The Movie

  • Fizzy using her teleportation powers to distract the killer trees in the Shadow Forest and allow her friends time to escape.
  • Danny distracting the giant spider by offering it his snacks. It may have only worked for a little while because of the sticky web, but it took some serious guts to even try.
  • Molly defeating Ahgg by tickling him.
  • The Flutter Ponies arriving in the nick of time to defeat the Smooze, with the Rainbow of Light helping to finish the fight.
  • The moment when Wind Whistler goes back to save Megan, catching her just before she fell into the river of Smooze. The fact that she put herself in danger like that to help a friend, without hesitating for even a moment, really shows how brave she is.
  • Wind Whistler gets another one by distracting Ahgg while the others were escaping. Willingly going up against something fifty times her size definitely deserves a mention.
  • All the ponies, bushwoolies and animals trying to barricade Dream Castle against the incoming Smooze wave. Even though they were forced to flee in the end, they still chose to stand their ground and try to defend themselves first. Bonus points go to Lofty, for her rescue of the little bunny that got trapped on one of the towers. If she weren't there, the poor thing would have been Smoozed.
  • Magic Star being able to jump across the chasm, while carrying both Danny and Molly on her back.
  • It takes an awfully brave witch to sail a boat on top of an unstoppable tidal wave of Smooze, even if they were the ones who created it. And they did it while joyfully singing a catchy song about just how unstoppable the Smooze was.