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  • The Kalash 93 oneshot, I Did Not Want To Die, combines an amazingly brave, badass, Last Stand with massive amounts of Tear Jerker. The conclusion is a fantastic example of Defiant to the End.
  • In the first installment of the fanfic The Elements Of Gaming, Fluttershy, when playing Halo: Reach, beats a stage, while no-scoping every enemy, with some of those no-scopes being with a sniper rifle, on Legendary (the hardest difficulty for the few that don't know). This is the first time she played the game BTW.
    • Also deserving a mention is Rarity. Being able to spot all of the cloaked enemies and take them out before they got anywhere near her
    • What about this? While playing Rock Band, after playing the pony versions of "Sweet Child of Mine" and Jet's "Are You Gonna Be My Girl", Pinkie Pie says they're too slow, even on Hard mode. But when they played "Through the Fire and Flames" by Dragonforce, she, without a doubt, found her jam! Pinkie Pie was on Expert in guitar and vocals, with Applejack and Rainbow Dash in Normal in drums and bass respectively. In the end, Pinkie scored 99%, with RD getting a paltry 40% and AJ a modest 50%. While Pinkie did get 100% on the last two songs, the fact that she scored so well in the song and hit all those hammer-ons and pull-offs with ease and was able to 'rescue' RD and AJ from failure numerous times. That's right; she cleared a sheer impossibility of a song without so much as breaking a sweat!
    • From the same chapter: Fluttershy sang lead on a ponified "Hotel California" and turned in one of the sweetest vocal performances her friends had ever heard. The kicker? She only scored 13% because her voice was too soft for the microphone to pick up.
  • ''Heart of Gold, Feathers of Steel: Celestia shows an 80-member tribe of pony-eating griffons why she is called a god. One spell, 77 kills. And the survivors were spared to send a message to the other tribes. Yeah, Celestia doesn't play around at all.
  • Round Two. Celestia travels to Chrysalis' hive, lands in front of her, and tells her why she's there. To discuss Chrysalis' terms of surrender! As if that weren't badass enough, when Chrysalis mocks her for not stopping the Changelings earlier (Celestia didn't know the true extent of what they were doing), Celestia lays into her with one glorious "The Reason You Suck" Speech. When Chrysalis refuses peace and threatens to make an example of Celestia, admits she saw that coming. She and Chrysalis fight again, but this time, with Chrysalis not supercharged by The Power of Love, Celestia is more than a match for her. When Chrysalis seems to gain the upper hoof by biting her neck and beginning to drain her power, Celestia calls down a blast of solar energy (something she obviously couldn't do in the room full of innocent ponies) that levels everything around them and leaves Chrysalis so badly hurt she can't even stand on her own. Celestia puts her horn to her throat and tells her exactly what will happen if she ever threatens her little ponies again:
    Celestia: You and your changelings will no longer be allowed into Equestria. Any violation of that law will lead to immediate harsh repercussions. Or, to put it more simply, if you or anypony comes back into my homeland, I will be back. And if I come back...I. WILL. END. YOU.
    • Celestia follows this by turning around and leaving, Chrysalis' Changeling drones so terrified of her that they don't even try to stop her. Do not mess with Celestia's subjects.
  • The The Immortal Game fanfiction is made almost on pure awesome. It is a very dark story but still keeps the entire 'Friendship is Magic' theme of the original show. Plus it has brilliant fight scenes.
    • In the most recent chapter, Twilight uses her magic creatively to almost kill Terra. This is done by 1. Gathering up a huge amount of metal into a Null Space. 2. Separating iron out from all of that metal. 3. Heating up said metal until it melts. 4. Allowing melted metal to fall in a Null Space that has a) No end, and b) no friction to stop it accelerating. 5. Fire it at Terra. If Twilight had collected more iron, chances are Terra would be dead.
  • Whispers: Celestia seizes control of the sun and moon at the same time and weaponizes the former to defeat Nightmare Moon.
  • In Chronicles of Harmony's End Discord effortlessly dodges an increasingly frustrated Array's Beam Spam, until he finally agrees to hold still for the last one... which he proceeds to deflect with a cricket bat while yelling "he hits it for six!"
  • Epic Rap Battles of MLP has several, but one that stands out is the Discord vs Luna rap battle. Both do a good job, but Discord, being...Discord, cheats and sends her to the moon, only for Celestia to show up. Discord having explained the aggressive rap battles were how he got powerful enough to escape in the first place, doesn't get aggressive and raps in a calm, only mildly insulting manner. With no strife for him to feed on, Discord is weakened enough for Celestia to imprison him in the sun. As icing on the cake, the princesses won by a large margin.
  • In The Worst Bakers In Equestria, there are numerous examples crossing over with Crowning Moment of Funny, given that the whole premise revolves around a contest where competitors strive to pull off the most impressive Epic Fail possible. A few examples that particularly stick out are:
    • Trixie's Doom Magnet levels of bad luck cause her dough to become a living monster that she has to duel into submission before she can force it into the oven. Afterward, the stadium is filled with the sound of every single pony watching closing their jaws after they'd been hanging open from the spectacle.
    • Ditzy Doo valiantly struggling against her complete inability to bake as "the enemy" tries to get her disqualified at every turn, building in strength and nearly destroying the oven before reaching such a critical mass that it ends up inverting on itself, and the muffins that result turn out to be the best that the judges have ever tasted. It gets her disqualified from the competition, but since it means she can now bake for her daughter, Dinky, she ends up more than happy with it.
    • Trixie again, after her Poison Joke-induced bad luck runs out, and she loses to Rainbow Dash. Before she leaves the arena, she hijacks the light- and sound-amplification spells that allowed the audience to see and hear everything going on, and gives the crowd a dazzling display of illusions before plugging for the theater that took her in after she was run out of Ponyville.
      • Also consider that Trixie actually made something edible out of milk so congealed that tearing apart the container it was in left it standing. She is the antithesis of a Lethal Chef.
    • Pinkie Pie and Spike becoming announcers for the event. Especially during halftime (maybe).
  • In The Things We Leave Behind, Twilight gets a Dying Moment of Awesome when she saves Ponyville from an Ursa Major using an age reduction spell, never wavering even when her magic energy and Life Force are drained.
  • Rainbooms and Royalty, an Alternate Universe Fic in which Rainbow Dash rather than Twilight became Celestia's personal student after performing her first Sonic Rainboom, takes the general outline of the Nightmare Moon arc and takes every aspect of it Up to Eleven, especially the trials each of the Mane 6 had to overcome.
  • Pinkassic Park has Pinkie Pie, Twilight, and Princess Luna fighting and subduing Tyrannosaurus Rex, Deinonychus, and Pteranodon that escaped from their pens (being a Shout-Out to Jurassic Park and all). Also, Fluttershy warding a T. rex off with The Stare (much sweeter since she was frightened by the dinosaurs because they look like dragons).
    • Not to mention, Pinkie Pie riding a Quetzalcoatlus.
  • The God Particle: Sweetie Belle, of all ponies, takes down a huge griffin with a massive blast of magic (it's noted that it can't have been a direct hit, otherwise the griffin would be dead) - and earns her cutie mark in the process!
  • ''My Little Pony vs..........' is a series of Ultimate Showdowns to the death between the Mane Six and characters from a variety of different franchises. By the end of the first round of battles, we have seen Applejack take down a Predator - earning the respect of three others - Pinkie Pie distract Lucy with her party cannon before stabbing her in the back, and Twilight blow up a Dalek with her magic.
  • Chapter 21 of 'The Ballad of Echo the Diamond Dog' has saving people, epic fight scenes, and, in general, is just full of these.
  • In the Halo crossover On the Wings of Angels, Twilight gets one when she assists a group of marines during a Covenant attack - highlights of the battle include killing one Elite with a magic blast, slamming a second into the ceiling with her telekinesis and breaking its neck, catching a plasma grenade in midair and throwing it back, disintegrating a Skirmisher with her Gatling Gun spell and melting a Hunter's armour.
  • If you thought Starscream VS Rainbow Dash from Death Battle was awesome, take a look at the fanmade DEATH BATTLE: Equestria, which is Exactly What It Says on the Tin; characters from Friendship is Magic (and occasionally other franchises) pitted against each other in fights to the death, with just as much research and work done as in the original Death Battle series. And it was originally done by one person, but now that the story is in the middle of a Tournament Arc, several other people - including authors of other famous stories - have joined as assistant judges.
  • The Moonstone Cup features Twilight getting selected to enter a biannual magicians' tournament. Celestia and two other leaders of mages sponsor the tournament; Luna's the one who nominated Twilight. Twilight then proceeds to let loose with a few things.
    • During the qualifying round for her bracket, the contestants are given various tasks to complete. One of these is to banish an enchantment, after a tough enchantment round. Twilight thinks it's a Breather Level, and we get to see our first panic from the Queen of Dragons.
    • Twilight, naturally, makes it in (I'd spoiler mark this, but who reading this would believe Twilight wouldn't make it past the prelims in any kind of magic tournament?). The rest of the tournament is one-on-one duels, where casters only have to remember to not injure the opponent, and to not cross the dividing line separating them. Otherwise, it's last spell standing. The Young Adult bracket features a few notable wizards. Her first opponent, a canine spellcaster called a ghul, gets put to sleep like an Ursa Minor. Second, a griffon, gets eliminated by footfault. Trixie's the final, and Twilight simply forces her to use up too much power to keep up.
    • After, there's the matter of the actual Cup battles. Two for Twilight. First, a dragon mage. She 'borrows' the earlier spell used against her, one meant for draining the power out of its victim, uses it on the dragon, and then uses his own favourite spell on him. She barely wins, because the judge nearly disqualified her for messing up a dragon to horribly.
    • Then the final. She's facing Amarok, 9-0 in the tournament, predates the Princesses, and is possibly on par with them. Step one? Drain her friends, Spike included. Luna and Trixie both fear for Twilight's survival at this. Then, once she finally gets over herself, she uses that power. Amarok has issues when having to deal with seven Twilights, finally culminating into breaking space and time around him. He uses his last reserves to break the spell, and Twilight's left on the ground just exhausted. The judge prepares to declare a draw. Twilight, upset at not defeating the king of wolves older than the princesses, lashes out to make a magic divot, the equivalent of slapping the mat in frustration. Amarok can't answer, except for a he's finally LOST.
    • It doesn't end there. One of the tourney sponsors is Najstariot, who's had a history with Luna. Namely, Luna and her favoured student fought her when Luna went Nightmare. And who still bears the scars on her natural form, that being a dragon the size of a smallish mountain. Twilight resorts to draining the huge mass of storm clouds..and ends up getting talked down by Celestia, preventing the deaths of half of Canterlot since the city was in no shape to survive Najstariot's Twilight-fried CORPSE crashing down on it.
  • While mileage varies considering the episode its based on, TRUE Harmony of Rainbow Dash gives us Applejack calling out Rainbow Dash the way the episode arguably should have.
    Rainbow Dash: Why AJ? Why couldn't you just let me take in the praise? The ponies wanted to cheer me on! Couldn't you just let them have their hero? I was finally able to bury all the crud I was carrying!
    Applejack: Things you bury tend to take root, sugarcube. We didn't do this to show ya up. And givin' ya an example of how a hero was supposed to be wasn't why we stuck to this here plan.
    Rainbow Dash: Oh? Then what pray-tell?
    Applejack: (inhales) Sorry RD. We didn't mind ya being a hero, we didn't mind ya acting like, well, you when ponies thanked ya for savin' the day. What we DID mind was you beginning to treat it LIKE A SHOW rather than savin' lives! Half the reason we invented Mare-Do-Well was to save yer butt! If Pinkie hadn't stepped in, how many of those construction workers do you think would have gotten out in one piece? Or not at all? If Twilight hadn't repaired the dam when she had, what do you think ponies would have thought of you when Ponyville was flooded-?! Ponies would have HATED YER GUTS! And that's if you survived gettin' caught in that flood at all! But they were too busy praisin' Mare-Do-Well to notice you were screwing up due to yer stupid ego, and badly! The other half was to get it through your thick head that being a hero... look, ya were beginnin' to treat the praise like it was more important than what you were being praised for!
    Rainbow Dash: I wouldn't have started grand standing more if Mare-Do-Well hadn't shown up!
    Applejack: Rainbow, yer a tried and true friend who makes each day of mah life just a little bit brighter, and it would be a dark day for all of us if you weren't here. But that's horse apples. You were timing things down to the last possible moment to get more autographs in fer SAVIN' LIVES! That is NOT a hero, Rainbow! Not at all! You crossed a line there, RD. Truth is, most of us thought this here plan was over the top even after we put it together. But when you did that, when the balloon fell we knew we had to step in before the law of averages and your ego got somepony killed! We did this to SAVE YOU, not take you down a peg!
  • Earning Wings Of A Different Nature has an Australian navy Search And Rescue officer who has become Daring Do, on a rescue operation that turns out to be a pirate attack. After being captured and held hostage along with the rest of the crew, she manages to get the crew to attack the pirates after Daring starts to sing a Catholic hymn to the muslim pirates. Despite Daring being shot twice by the leader of the pirates, the crew survived the encounter and the only death was the pirate leader himself. Even her XO states that the operation was nearly miraculous, when the only things that went wrong was his own ill-advised order to her and the injuries she received.
  • The Contest has Fluttershy reveal that her boast of being the Quiet Game World Champion was not an exaggeration and Twilight and Rarity inviting themselves along. It's a lot more intense than it sounds, and all of Fluttershy's matches have at least one. One that stands out is managing to literally be quieter than a skeleton.
  • in this chapter of Diary of Ghostly Scootaloo, in the authors note, the author chews out the Fan Dumb who had been using the story to criticize the ask blog it was based off of, warning them that they do it as a labor of love and will end the story if the Fan Dumb continues to attack the original creator.
  • For a comedy fic, The God Squad had a great one in the most recent arc. The Squad arrives in Zebrica and Tydal bonds with a small zebra foal/filly. Shining notices the other zebras ignoring the filly and when the little one goes up to a servant, she strikes the filly. Shining goes into full berserk mode, using his magic to strangle the servant and refusing to let her go. When Zeena, the friggin' goddess of the earth warns that she will kill Shining like it was nothing if he doesn't let go, Cadence threatens to sterilize every zebra and Tydal (who spends much of the fic insulting Shining) declares Shining his best friend and tells Zeena he'll flood all of Zebrica if she tries it.
    • When Princess Celestia and Luna were just children, the Pegasus Army flew to Tydal's Keep and Commander Hurricane himself demanded Tydal surrendered them to him. The God of the Sea's response? Part the entire ocean to reveal his garden: thousands of severed pony heads, driven onto spikes, left out for the fish to feed on. Tydal then informed Hurricane that if another pony ever made his baby sisters cry again, he would wipe all of Equestria off the map.
  • In Touched by an Angel with carrot, Angel Bunny kicks butt of not only the entire fauna of the Royal Gardens of Canterlot, but Philomena herself.
  • The climax to Diary of a Pliant Tyrant, which has Celestia invite Discord out for a talk alone to discuss the implications of his reform. Having spent most of the narrative struggling with his new life and being inwardly condescending towards Celestia, Discord takes the opportunity to attack her, but she quickly undoes his spells and reveals that she had been using the abandoned quarry she set aside for him to study ways to counter his magic. She then casts a spell on him that causes him to vibrate in the presence of chaos magic, preventing him from using any spells effectively lest he disintegrate. She proceeds to treat him to a profoundly badass lecture about community-living and her role as ruler of Equestria. By the end of it all, Discord begins to see Celestia's point and views her as a more serious threat.
  • In the penultimate chapter of The Royal Audience: A Mole Cricket Story, Mole Cricket, a changeling trapped in the Crystal Empire, in traction and on so many pain meds it's ridiculous, is confronted, in a dream, by King Sombra. Sombra gives a nice little speech:
    "Your coming here is unexpected. However, you can serve a purpose. My purpose. Take my hoof. Join me. In exchange for a single service, I will give you all that you desire, and more. You wish to be healed? I can restore you this very instant. You wish to be a pony? The curse upon you is easy for me to remove. You wish for power? At my side, you will become the second most powerful being in the world. You wish for... a certain somepony? I can provide her for you. Whatever you wish for, simply name it, and it shall be yours."
    • Cricket's response?
    "I wish... to punch you in the face."
    • He promptly does so, grabs Sombra, chews him out because, to paraphrase, Cricket at least tries to be half-decent, in spite of being a changeling, while Sombra, being a pony, had every opportunity to be good, and chose evil. He then gives King Sombra a German Suplex, and drop kicks him in the face. Yes, it's revealed immediately afterwards that it does absolutely no damage, since it is a dream, but still, he suplexed King Sombra.
    • In the words of the author:
    My fanwork has a love eating bug monster performing a german suplex on an evil unicorn wizard king. The bar for most insane stunt ever performed in a work of fanfiction has been raised. That is all.
  • Derpy gives an Earth pony friend the power of flight. Awesome and Heartwarming.
  • Coco Pommel quits, giving Suri an earful. And a faceful.
  • Of all the ponies she could have chosen, Luna picks Scootaloo to help her against a foe who traps ponies in their nightmares. It's no mistake.
  • Scootaloo goes to Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. And passes the magic skills test with a flying color. And more importantly, exposes a problem within the school...
  • In the middle of a bunch already-strong gargoyles waiting for a power-up to fall from the skies, and what does Rarity do? Her gem sense starts tingling...
  • In the Three-Wishesverse, starting with Three Wishes: The Cutie Mark Crusaders Before They Changed the World, each of the three get to be utterly awesome in their own ways.
  • Light The Sky On Fire provides an unusual take on the "Scootaloo takes flight" genre by having it be Twilight Sparkle who finally teaches her how to fly — and in the process, unlocks Scootaloo's "inner egghead" by giving her a scientific understanding of how Pegasus magic works, enabling her to create a "Scootaboom" that's unique to her instead of just being a copy of Rainbow Dash's trick by pushing both her body and mind to the limit.
  • Chaos and Laughter: Pinkie Pie gets turned into a Draconequus by the still-petrified Discord and Mane Six thinks she is a new enemy who got rid of Pinkie to neutralize the Elements of Harmony. Without the power of the Elements, they need help to war against the new Draconequus, therefore Luna sends Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy to muster allies. Luna doesn't think Rarity could know anypony who could help in battle, but Rarity answers by using her fashion industry contacts and hiring the two best hitponies in Equestria.
  • I Am Going To Save And/Or Destroy Equestria gives us one of the most spectacular schemes for defeating a villain: Ambrose, a human in King Sombra's body, is facing off against Arabus, an escaped fiend (G1) from Tartarus. While initially, the battle goes somewhat poorly, Ambrose turns the tides by going into Arabus' stomach, and temporarily highjacking the shadows that Arabus had eaten in order to grab a star out of the sky. He then eats the star in order to gain a power up. Yes, you read all of that right. He then morphs into a gigantic shadow titan who begins curb stomping Arabus brutally and without mercy.
  • Royal Review has Blueblood of all ponies setting up a brilliant Batman Gambit to revoke Zesty Gourmand's Karma Houdini: trick her into asking him, Celestia and Luna to force Restaurant Row back to cooking things the way she likes them rather than in ways that are actually good for business. This backfires spectacularly, with every restaurant getting rave reviews from the royals, who never fail to make their love of strong flavors and varied cooking styles clear, and culminates with Zesty committing lèse-majesté, insulting royalty (to their faces no less), which is an act of treason in Equestria and does this in front of Rarity, who has enough connections to ruin Zesty permanently if she chooses. Blueblood both proceeds and concludes this act with Reason You Suck Speeches about how a critic's job is to critique, preferably constructively, rather than control, how Zesty's stranglehold on Restaurant Row was killing its business and how she shames her mentor, a critic who had high standards but was always unfailingly fair; by the end of all this, Zesty is so outclassed that her only means to attempt to save face is to announce she's leaving and never coming back which is met with massive cheering. Rarity hit the nail on the head calling Blueblood a Magnificent Bastard.
    • Meta example: the author manages to give a believable explanation for Blueblood's initial unpleasant behavior and the change we see in this story (he thought Rarity was a Gold Digger but made amends when he realized he went too far). Several readers applauded.
  • A New Sunset has Sunset Shimmer's human counterpart enter Crystal Prep. Unfortunately, she's just as bad as pony Sunset used to be, and worse, none of the Shadowbolts can retaliate, as Principal Cinch, blaming them for losing the Friendship Games, would expel them on the word of Human Sunset. Pony Sunset can't really do anything about it, except tell the Shadowbolts about her old weakness, Pride. Eventually, Human Sunset crosses the line by driving Lemon Zest to tears, and Indigo Zap sets up a brilliant Batman Gambit: she trashes Human Sunset's motorcycle, and when Human Sunset threatens to rat her out, Zap gives her a brutal "The Reason You Suck" Speech, calling her little more than a coward who hides behind a principal while being unable to do anything herself. Human Sunset just storms off in fury, impotently muttering about getting her revenge .

  • The show's Periphery Demographic that got the franchise Rescued from the Scrappy Heap is a Crowning Moment of Awesome in and of itself.
  • Quite a few comebacks against haters can become extremely awesome. A couple examples:
    "Go for it. Come at me. Bring your biggest baddest guns. Try and hurt me. I was literally handing you ammunition to make it easier for you but you want to try with your bare hands instead. Your 700 meters away and I have a Barret .50 cal. Come on and attack the show."
  • Let's just say every brony or pegasister who is ballzy enough to do a public presentation about this show (being outside the target demographic and all that).
  • A Brony named Brainbread is known for making high quality pony plushies. His current masterpiece that is up for auction is a life-sized Rainbow Dash. 49 in. tall, 32 in. long from nose to tail, 24 in. from wing to wing. As Brainbread posted, "This is truly My Epic Pony: Friendship is Life Sized." As a matter of fact, it was so hotly contested that it has ended up going for a whopping 4900 US Dollars.
    • Another one by a different eBay user: a 46" tall, seated Pinkie Pie. The winning bid was $740 US.
    • The latest in the life sized ponies collection: 46 in. tall, aprox. 44 in. long with removable and reatachable shades via Magnets Vinyl Scratch AKA: DJ-Pon3 The last link is a comparison to another of this person's plushies.
  • In the best ending of Super Filly Adventure, the main character Jade takes down a dragon by herself.
  • This rewrite of Emperor Joker's "Where's the Fun in That" from Batman: The Brave and the Bold from our own forum.
  • Recently, a brony by the DeviantArt handle of "WhiteDove-Creations" made a plushie of Lauren Faust's OC alicorn. The craftsmanship of it alone is amazingly impressive, but what pushes this into Moment of Awesome territory is the fact that it was purchased by none other than Lauren herself. Epic win, friend. *brohoof*
    • WhiteDove-Creations now has a new picture of Lauren Faust with her plushie. The fandom was very very pleased about the happiness that Lauren had shown with her plushie.
  • The Brony Commentaries recount the story of a college student who had the show so much on his mind that he began a paper with "Dear Princess Celestia," not realizing it until after he'd turned it in. When the paper was graded, the professor's comments began with "My faithful student."
  • The Most Badass Car Ever.
  • There's a Humble Indie Bundle going around. Guess which group donated the most money.
    • Notch got second, which is significant because of the story behind it. Notch claimed on Twitter that he was a brony, but later said "I'm not actually a brony, but I've seen clips of the show and want to see it". A random brony then made a deal with Notch - if the bronies could out-donate Notch, then Notch would have to watch MLP:FiM. If Notch won, then all the bronies who donated would buy Minecraft. The bronies won, bringing Notch into the herd in the process.
  • Step 1: play Mari0, the Super Mario Bros./Portal crossover. Step 2: beat the game to enable cheats, specifically the Sonic Rainboom cheat. Step 3: Hit terminal velocity again and again for instant awesome.
    • Or, use the Konami Code to get the cheats early if you are lazy.
    • Plus, one of the hats you can select is Rainbow Dash's mane and ears.
  • Two words: Daring Do. One book was a framing device for one episode (and another made a cameo two episodes later). How awesome was this? Daring Do now not only has 16 story titles, dozens of characters, and her own Awesome, Heartwarming, and Funny Moment entries all made from scratch; but on top of all that, there are fans of the Daring Do article who are attempting to defictionalize the entire thing, based entirely on that article! Think about that for a second: not only can bronies turn a simple plot device into an entire metafictional spinoff series; they can will said series into existence.
  • One for the brony fanbase as a whole, if only for the sheer troll potential. Seth uncovered a poll on the Hub's website asking what the station's fan's favorite show was. Cue bronies flooding the poll with MLP votes, and then, when they moved it to another website, they did it again.
  • One fan on Deviantart got fed up with the amount of abuse that the Brony community was getting due to it's Vocal Minority. So he responded by writing this article. It stands up for the thousands of Bronies who don't troll people endlessly as well as "dispels a few myths" about the show in general.
  • sent Equestria Daily an exclusive Independence Day sale promo code for 25% off all pony merchandise. Equestria Daily posted the code. So many bronies tried to redeem it that Welovefine crashed for a few hours.
  • At one of the first conventions, Nicole Oliver was asked to pose a request to the fandom - any thing at all - to be fulfilled. Her immediate response was to request that Bronies place their time and effort into more charitable efforts (perhaps under an unfortunate assumption that the fandom was TOO obsessed with themselves). She was promptly informed that they had already done so, with one charity donating $10,000!
  • Gabe Newell watches My Little Pony.
  • In the November 5th issue of the Wall Street Journal, an article was on the front page detailing the rise of the Brony fandom. Contrary to the above examples, the article takes a neutral stance, explaining how the show gained its momentum, even getting a statement from Hasbro about their response to the Bronies. They even did the research, going so far as to mention the Pegasisters and taking time to explain that being a brony doesn't automatically make you gay.
  • Bill Clinton was asked questions about the show during an interview with NPR, answering questions about Rarity, cutie marks, and Nightmare Moon. Granted it was multiple-choice with gag answers to shove you in the right direction, but still.
    • Lauren Faust's response on her DeviantArt page makes it even better: "If I were still in charge, I would soooooo fight to have Krastos the Glue Maker a real villain! But oh well."
  • Bronies got wind of's hot list poll for the best TV shows of the year. Despite the fact that MLP didn't actually have an entry on any of the polls, it got so many write-in votes that it got it's own poll and an article talking about how it blew everything else out of the water.
  • At Canterlot Gardens 2012, we got a real life example of an Ensemble Darkhorse over the course of the convention: a man dressed as a ninja became so well-known around the con that, at the closing ceremonies panel on the final day, he was invited up to the panel along with the hosts of the con.
  • The Grand Galloping Gala, the formal dance on the first night of Canterlot Gardens 2012, was delayed for over an hour due to problems. While waiting to finally be let in, two or three bronies decided to pass the time by singing some songs from the show. Ten minutes later, they have formed a whole singing flashmob consisting of other bronies in the lobby.
  • A post on My Little Brony gives a rather thought provoking CMOA for the fandom: In only two years, the fandom has created more content for this show than the combined history of DC Comics (75+ years), Star Wars (35 years), and Doctor Who (49 years), which have a combined history of 159 years. In ONLY two years, more content has been made by fans of MLP:FIM than the fans of three of the oldest institutions in entertainment, one of which contains Batman, Superman, and the rest of the Justice League. And if you counted each LongRunner series that DC has made individually rather than all in one group, the total number of years goes into centuries, possibly nearing the 500 year mark. Imagine how much more there will be after season 3.
    • Interestingly, a fairly large subset of MLP FIM fan work also happens to be Doctor Who fan work.
  • The Brony Thank You Fund, Inc.: a group that was created to make a thank you commercial on behalf of the fandom to the magic-makers of the Hub, created the Derpy Hooves Animation Scholarship at CalArts. To supply the money needed, they created the 2013 CalArts Scholarship Calendar including art from top Brony artists. So far, the Scholarship is past the 20% mark, at $10,829. Hopefully people can continue to put funds into this opportunity.
    • As of Thanksgiving this year, they made the $50k+ scholorship goal as shown here!
  • The response of the fandom, showrunners, and others in light of the debacle of first (and likely last) Las Pegasus Unicon convention.explanation  The various brony media groups and other con organizers stepped up to assure payments would be made to cover the VIPs and satisfy the hotel. While several attendees were stranded due to sudden, unwanted charges, the fandom came together to help raise money to help these people with auctions, including items supplied by the writers and voice actors, Enterplay, and others. It may not be the brightest spot in the history of the fandom, but the response to correct things was beyond impressive. Details can be found at the #LasPegAssist site.
    • It's actually somewhat appropriate that this happened the week after "Magical Mystery Cure" aired. "A True, True Friend" became something of an unofficial anthem for the #LasPegAssist movement. Doubles as a Crowning Moment Of Heartwarming.
  • At BronyCon 2013, there were so many bronies attending the convention that, due to all the people jumping up and down at BronyPalooza (the convention's rave), it registered on the Richter scale. Out of concerns for attendee safety and building integrity, the concert has since been moved from the top floor of the Baltimore Convention Center to the bottom.
  • The saga of Grayson, the boy with the Rainbow Dash backpack. After he was bullied for it and the school responded by asking him not to bring it anymore, the fans leaped to his defense and got them to allow him to express his fandom however he wanted, while also launching a serious investigation into their bullying problem.

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