!!''My Little Pony''

* The climax of "The Return of Tambelon". After over 30 minutes of screentime spent suffering defeat after defeat against [[DimensionLord Grogar]], all the good guys have finally been captured in his dungeons. Cue them combining their various abilities for an escape plan worthy of Series/MacGyver, [[MookFaceTurn turning Grogar's own army against him]], and finally [[AchillesHeel destroying his power]] to the triumphant tune of "Let the Bell of Freedom Ring".
* "The Magic Coins" has the ponies' adventures to get three treasures for Niblic the troll; when he rejects them, Megan offers him something even better, from one of his own coins--a friend.
* "The Glass Princess" has Shady come up with the plan to save the day.
* In "The End of Flutter Valley," the Little Ponies and Megan save the Flutter Ponies from Queen Bumble and the bees, and together they defeat the Witches of the Volcano of Gloom.
** The fact that the bees manage to capture and subdue the Flutter Ponies is pretty awesome.
** Sting cements his HeelFaceTurn and calls out Queen Bumble for her selfishness. This is followed by him punching out Pointer, twice.
*** The best part? The second fight involves them actually fighting one another, ending with Sting punching Pointer out of the sky. It's pretty obvious WHY Sting was TheDragon.
** Honeysuckle nabbing Bumble with her own crane machine and threatening to drop her into a deep pit if she doesn't let the Flutter Ponies go.
** Granted, it doesn't work, but Megan's attempt to free the Flutter Ponies? March up to Bumble and demand she let them go and bluffing that she's surrounded while the others move sticks to give the illusion of it. While being held at stinger point by [[NervesOfSteel her entire army without batting an eye.]] Megan is a badass no questions about it!
** [[spoiler: The Stonebacks]] arriving just in time to save Megan and the Flutter Ponies, commanded by Honeysuckle.
** [[TheCavalry Baby Cuddles, Cupcake, the Bushwoolies, and the Furbobs]] arriving at the last second to help everyone dig the hole to get underneath Ahgg.
* The Flutter Ponies arriving to defeat Erebus in "Bright Lights", tying up his lackey Zeb and reducing Erebus himself to a tiny wisp of a being, which the others are able to easily trap.
** To put this in perspective, Erebus is no push over and pretty much been giving the heroes a lot of trouble. He [[CurbstompBattle doesn't get one hit in on the Flutter Ponies and gets the tar beat out of him.]] All while they sing a song that pretty much amounts to a BadassBoast.
* The Crabnasties defeating the Flories and saving Posey's garden. The leader is even voiced by ''Optimus Prime''.

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