Awesome / Muriel's Wedding

  • As Muriel is ostracized from her former friends, Rhonda decides to take the initiative and tell Tania exactly where she can shove her drink.
    Rhonda: "The truth? I tell the truth too. Nicole's having an affair with Chook. Muriel saw them fucking in the laundry on your wedding day. Stick your drink up your arse, Tania. I'd rather swallow razor blades than drink with you. Oh, by the way, I'm not alone. I'm with Muriel."
    • Their dance routine that immediately follows this makes the exchange even better, as Tania gets into a fight with Nicole and Muriel and Rhonda's performance is a smash success.
  • Muriel classily giving her father hell for verbally and emotionally abusing the family
    Muriel: "You owe us Dad. We're not useless, we never were. Now you're looking after the kids...and you're gonna tell them they're not useless."