Awesome / Mulholland Dr.

  • The famous audition scene, where seemingly sweet, innocent Betty suddenly becomes the sexiest thing on Earth.
  • The whole Club Silencio scene, which has a Moment of Awesome of its own with the "Llorando" song.
  • The dinner scene, where Camilla and Adam announce their engagement (or possibly pregnancy), causing Diane across the table to have an emotional and mental breakdown — perfectly scored with Mountains Falling, one of the most dark, chilling, and almost lustful electric guitar pieces ever composed.
  • Both the Castigliani brothers, who dominate the entire meeting scene and everyone involved with only a few curt lines between them (and a negative reaction to an espresso) and the Cowboy, who, absurd appearance and dress aside, shuts down every one of Adam's snarky attempts to understand what's happening to him and spells out exactly how the production of Adam's movie will go from now on.