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Awesome: Much Ado About Nothing
  • Hero's triumphant return in the final scene.
  • Here's to a scheming clergyman whose plan actually has the desired effect. Yes, Laurence, we're looking at you.
  • Antonio's series of monologues in 5.1 where he pretty much tells off everyone.
    Antonio: Boys, apes, braggarts, jacks, milksops!
    Leonato: Brother Anthony-
    Antonio: HOLD YOU CONTENT!
  • When Boracchio is explaining the plot to destroy Hero to Don John. Bonus points if Don John throws on an Evil Laugh for good measure.
  • Beatrice and Benedick's first argument.
  • Dogberry and his bumbling crew exposing the whole sham.
  • Let's face it. B & B have slapped each other around so much, they have the best chance at happiness of any pair Shakespeare ever wrote.
  • Beatrice's 'If I were a man' speech, when she shows Benedick and the audience exactly how little she is prepared to take Claudio's shit, and actually convinces Benedick to challenge Claudio to a duel since she can't do it herself, however much she'd love to.
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