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Awesome: Mr Young
  • Adam taming Slab (for the most part) in the pilot episode by electrocuting him.
  • Derby as "The Alligator", espically in Mr. First Impression.
  • Also in Mr. First Impression, there is the pie fight between Adam and Preston Pickles.
    • Crowning Music of Awesome; "Living Derby Style".
    • Somehow a cat fight between Echo and Brap, escalated into a war between Elephants and Humans.
  • Adam, Slab and Sasquack, fighting Diego and his goons to save Echo is Mr. Spring Break.
  • Adam restoring everyones memories and he and Echo expose Mr. Kidd's plan to replace Adam in everyone's lives.
  • In Mr. Elderman, Derby, dressed as Elderman, reduces Tater to tears with one word - "Cinnamon".
  • In Mr. Final
    • The fact Derby managed to graduate.
      • Even more surprisingly, so did Slab.
    • Dang and Master Ki's reality warping fight comes off as this, espically since Dang doesn't fight back and just stands there with no visible reaction.
    • When Derby laughs at the idea that Dang never finished high school, Slab shuts him up with a glare. An In-Universe Dude, Not Funny!.
    • Adam attempting a Heroic Sacrifice to save Echo, as a result he is impaled through the head (with a feather) and lives.
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