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Awesome: Movie Bob
  • "There is one grave yet to be filled" - Cue Movie Bob having Mario saying "Not yet." to the Grim Reaper.
  • His epic reprimand of some people on Xbox Live.
    "So I've got a message out there for every fucking troll with a headset and a copy of Modern Warfare: NOTHING excuses this kind of bullshit behaviour, ESPECIALLY being good at a goddamn FPS doesn't excuse this kind of behaviour. You are not a badass because you own a copy of Call of Duty, you are not "The Man" because you can swing around and pretend to virtual gun on a kill streak! You think you're so damn hardcore, go join the actual army, if you're such a badass gun slinging mother fucker! I bet you're in for a rude awakening if you did, kiddo!"
  • Another epic reprimand, this time towards the He-Man Woman Hater side of gaming culture.
    Itís not okay to harass women! Itís not to quote-unquote slut shame! Itís not okay to use rape as a casual synonym for defeat! And itís REALLY not okay that I have to explain that to anybody!
  • Bob rightly calling out the makers of The Lone Ranger for white washing the role of Tonto by casting Jonny Depp
  • In his Big Picture video "With Great Power" he calls out geek culture for being just as sexist and homophobic as "main stream culture" now that video games, science fiction, fantasy and comics are mainstream. Instead of being jerks, a group that was bullied should be more inclusive.
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