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Awesome: Moonstuck
  • As Dark Woona is winning her first battle against Woona, the crescent moon wanes. Celestia takes notice, and intervenes.
  • Dark Woona vs the Changeling Regent.
  • Woona getting a supercharge from the ancient artifact, sending Dark Woona running and destroying the Changeling Regent's brainwashing on the Changeling hive, and thus her power (as without their love she's completely powerless).
  • Egophiliac deserves props for managing to make Dark Woona, a tiny, filly sized Nightmare Moon, come off as legitimately menacing during the Final Battle.
  • All of Woona's friends arriving to help Woona in the Final Battle.
  • CELESTIA HERSELF coming to rescue Luna from Discord.
  • Why will the presence of Woona's friends allow her to successfully use the relics? Because Because friendship is magic, that's why!
    • Doubly so with the fact that Ego managed to incorporate almost every "Magic" command into the background of the Magic panel. Don't deny it, you all shed Manly Tears, too.
    • Also the fact that Woona destroys Dark Woona twice using only three Elements.
  • Celestia and Luna defeating Discord and turning him to stone.
  • That's Miss Pretty Pony Princess, to you!
  • Science!
  • Woona using her underwater basket-weaving skills to trap a giant octopus, saving the Lunar Maria.
  • The escape from the Changeling hive, with Woona delivering an epic boop to the Changeling Regent and throwing an exploding baby roc in her face!
  • Woona activating her "pretty pony princess powers" while falling to her doom, safely flying herself and her friends to safety. (Granted, two of them could already fly unaided.)
  • Though most of it was ineffective, Woona's improvisation during the final battle is worth a mention, from folding her cap into a cannon and launching herself at Dark Woona to slipping into the water during her opponent's monologue and freeing herself from the evil jam that had trapped her. (And the latter trick does work!)
  • What does Woona do when the Elements initially fail to activate? Instead of sinking into another Heroic BSOD, she takes the Elements themselves and throws them at Dark Woona!
  • The ending, where Woona crashes into the sun on her way back to Earth and bursts out in shades, rocking on guitar.
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