Awesome / Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam

  • Tobia is forced into Gladiator Games with just a machine gun against a Humongous Mecha - the Crossbone X2. He wins. And steals the X2. Then uses it as a decoy for his escape.
    • Not to mention the fight where he takes on the Death Gale team by himself and wins. Particularly, taking out the heavily armored Tortuga by stabbing a beam saber into its shoulder, then punching it out the other side.
  • Kincade isn't to be outdone himself. Gundam establishes that the F91's VSBR weapon is capable of penetrating beam shields. When faced with F91s, what does he do? Layers his shields, along with his beam zanber, allowing him to stop the "unstoppable". And, of course, the fight mentioned under Crippling Over Specialization.
  • The battle with the Jovian MA Elefante, where Tobia's emerging Newtype powers let him shoot down its Attack Drones, then use the last surviving one as a Stepping Stone in the Sky so he can ram it with his Pez Batara's beam axe. Kincade steps in to help him finish it off, and then they aim the burning wreck at the Jovian defensive line and let it plow into their ships.
    • Adding to the awesome of that battle is the Mother Vanguard's Death-or-Glory Attack, where it charges in full speed ahead with its beam shield active, and then once it penetrates the Jovian line it opens up with a broadside from its port and starboard beam cannons. Unfortunately, Bera was undergoing a minor Heroic B.S.O.D. at the moment, so this awesomeness fell to the Mother Vanguard's unnamed helmsman.
  • Tobia's final battle with Crux Dogatie. Dogatie is in a mech the size of a skyscraper and Tobia is in his Gundam. Tobia WINS by using his mech to kamikaze Dogatie's.
  • In Steel 7, Tobia pulls off an apparently suicidal charge against Callisto's Digitus, using Full Cloth's skull gauntlets as a boxing glove...and then he activates out the brand markers, one of the most often forgotten weapons in the Crossbone's arsenal, which he was hiding underneath the skull gauntlet and lands the killing blow.
  • In Ghost you have Font managing to survive and escape from an attack by both Jovians and the Zanscare Empire with a Zaku left over from the One Year War long enough to be rescued by an oddly calm blind man revealed to be an older Tobia Arronax.