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Awesome: Mixed Nuts
  • Not a lot in this movie, but one scene that particularly stands out is when Mrs. Munchnik's car gets hit by a fruitcake. She sits on the front and starts crying. Mr. Lobel sees her and asks if there's anything he can do. In response to this she throws herself at him and kisses him, after which they proceed to have wild sex on the beach, accompanied by a hard rock version of Jingle Bells. Tell me that isn't awesome. I dare you.
  • Also at the end, when the viewer has most likely forgotten about the resident serial killer, everyone has discovered the landlord's dead body which everyone was trying to cover up by disguising it as a Christmas tree, Gracie has admitted to killing him, and the cops are preparing to turn her in, only to discover that she has actually killed the Seaside Strangler.
  • Madeline Kahn rapping. That is all.
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