Awesome / Minecraft: The N00b Adventures

  • The heroes fighting the Enderdragon in Episode 8. A bunch of inexperienced players with almost no knowledge of how to play, against the final boss of the game. They win!
  • Fart proves to be an Action Survivor in Gaylord's own home, surviving deathtrap after deathtrap, and almost kills him in his own fortress.
  • During the final battle against Gaylord_Steambath, he finally decides to start playing dirty, using his admin powers to fill the room with TNT. How do the players respond? Log out. Not only does this save them from the trap, it hurts Gaylord because he's too busy laughing to go into Creative Mode before the explosion.
  • At the end of the series, Lord_Server returns after Gaylord's defeat, de-opping him, and ending his reign of terror forever. Better yet, when Gaylord starts trying to make a speech about how there will always be more griefers to ruin their fun. Server just brushes him off and bans him instantly.