Awesome / Michael Keaton

  • The way he shut down a reporter who wouldn't stop hassling him about his being cast as Batman.
    Keaton: I don't get the importance. I was doing an interview, and the guy was going on and on about it, and finally I said, "Did you read the paper this morning?" And I wasn't being a smart ass, I was just being real. And he goes, he just said yes or no, I don't know. I said, "Do you know there are bodies literally, literally like a logjam floating down rivers in Rwanda right now from being hacked up and killed right now?" and he goes, "Oh, that's terrible " And I'm like, "Who gives a fuck who's going to be Batman?"
  • The fact that Barack Obama is a fan of his (he greeted Keaton with "Why don't you make more movies?!").
  • His Hidden Depths moments on the main page, especially where he says that he didn't care about preserving his status, he didn't want to be pigeonholed or typecast, he just wants to do what he loves (even if that means he never gets to be the "current groovy guy").
  • His performance in Kenneth Branagh's Much Ado About Nothing (1993). He was very doubtful about doing Shakespeare and was sick as a dog for the whole shoot, but ended up being just about everyone's favorite part of the film.
  • His victory over the people attempting to sue him over the debacle that was The Merry Gentleman.
  • His role as Riggan in Birdman definitely counts - he's winning award after award, including a Golden Globe, and was widely considered the front runner to win the Oscar for Best Actor (although it eventually went to Eddie Redmayne).
  • His portrayal of Batman also counts; when he was announced, fans were outraged, saying how casting Michael was the biggest mistake Tim Burton ever made regarding Batman. Then the movie came out and cue several people now seeing him as the best version of the character.
  • His performance in Beetlejuice could also be considered this. He's the title character, but he's actually onscreen for less than twenty minutes and yet he still manages to completely own the entire film.
  • His apology over his "Hidden Fences" gaffe at the 2017 Golden Globes (after his overly glib initial response to the controversy that was made while he didn't quite get what people were so upset about). It can easily serve as the gold standard for what a celebrity should do after a mistake like this.