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Awesome: Metroid Zero Mission
  • The destruction of Tourian. Feels awesome, took awesome to do, and can be seen from orbit. Too bad you get shot down soon after escaping.
  • Getting revenge by blowing up the Pirates' Mothership. And stealing their fighter to boot.
  • Every time you drop a Power Bomb, it feels like you are unleashing a bomb of awesome. By then you're so powerful you don't really need them, but that's why it's so fun.
  • Swimming in lava with the Gravity Suit, compounded if you make it back to Norfair, letting you dance in the now harmless red Kool-Aid land.
  • Defeating the Chozo Mural and getting your fully upgraded suit back. Complete with the game playing the classic Metroid fanfare for the first time with a choir. Then the Brinstar theme resumes and it's time to slay some Space Pirates!
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