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Awesome: Metal Fight Beyblade
Metal Fusion/Metal Fight

  • Ginga's Batman Gambit against Phoenix. He uses his special move to trick Phoenix into countering it. This was a trap to lure him into using his own move, leaving Phoenix wide open for Pegasus' Storm Bringer attack´, allowing Ginga to finish the match.
  • From the very first episode, Ginga defeating 100 Face Hunters all by himself!
  • Kenta's 2nd battle against Hikaru, which was his first win in the entire series.
  • Kyoya's trial in Wolf Canyon. This consisted of him having to climb to the top under his own power. There's also the fact that he actually SCARED OFF the wolves that live there!
  • The infiltration of Dark Nebula by Ginga and co.
    • Special mention goes to Kyoya's battle against Dan and Raki. Kyoya is indoors so Leone can't use any wind moves. Kyoya then uses the friction caused by Leone's WB Performance Tip to create his own wind and take out both blades at once.
  • Gingka surviving his trial to learn how to defeat L-Drago. This included him walking through a blizzard and even getting caught in an avalanche.
  • Yu defeating Kenta, Hikaru and Benkei all at once, followed by him defeating both Kyoya and Ginga after that.
  • Madoka using her bey for the first time to save Kyoya's bey.
  • Phoenix rescuing Tsubasa from the Dark Nebula.
  • Kenta and Sora's battle against Busujima. This especially goes a long way to show the beginning of Kenta's character development, especially for him to be taking over Ginga's role as the hero for this episode.
  • Ginga's rematch against Yu during Battle Bladers.
  • Benkei vs. Kyoya. Truly Benkei's most awesome battle in the anime. And he gains Kyoya's respect even if he did lose.
  • Yu's battle against Reiji, which had Reiji constantly assaulting Yu with his scare tactics, but Yu never gave up and eventually created an opening to escape from the battle.
    • Kenta's battle against Reiji, as well, which eventually had Kenta combine his and Yu's beys together to battle him. The first Synchrom bey, anyone? He lost, but he still put up a very good fight and stuck it through to the end.
  • Ginga's battle against Reiji, especially with the speech he gave Reiji that caused Reiji's Villainous Breakdown.
  • Phoenix vs Doji. Burning Fire Strike drives Dark Wolf through the floor and carves it in half. In length. And that was after Phoenix got out of Wolf's Darkness Pit. And mind you, that was with the Burn Fusion Wheel, a circular Fusion Wheel with blunt, smooth edges.
  • Kyoya's battle aginst Ryuga, in which Kyoya really manages to hang in there and give Ryuga a run for his money.
  • Ginga's final battle against Ryuga.
    • As well as all of his friends coming out before dawn to cheer Ginga on.

Metal Masters

  • Yu is battling against Team Russia's Aleksei. Aleksei's Burn Wolf is floating using the stadium's special device that is also rendering Flame Libra's special moves useless. So what does Yu do? He wrecks the shit out of the stadium, causing the device to malfunction, causing Burn Wolf to lose control, forcing it to land, easily being one-shot by Libra's attack.
    • Ginga's defeat of Nowaguma, as well, which consisted of actually BREAKING THROUGH the ceiling of the cage he was trapped in so that he could use his special move.
      • And outside the beystadium, we have Masamune using Ray Striker to tear up the computer that Lovushka's coach/manager was using to rig the battles.
  • Masamune defeating Ginga, especially after all the hard work he'd put in training to get strong enough to defeat him.
  • Masamune and Chaoxin's battle on top of the Great Wall was just amazing to watch!
  • Wales' intro, which consists of him defeating a random blader in THREE SECONDS!
  • Kyoya and Nile fighting to get back their spots on Team Wild Fang.
  • Ginga and Kyoya's battle: unlike most of the battles in this series, these two stayed evenly matched throughout the entire battle! No Curb-Stomp Battle here! It ended in a draw.
    • Also, the tag team battle with Ginga and Masamune up against Kyoya and Nile. It ends with everyone's beys except Masamune's going into a sleep-out.
  • Julian Konzern's debut, where he defeats Ginga, Masamune, and Yu all on his own.
  • Ryuga's official return to the series in The Dragon Emperor Descends. We even see huge meteors crashing behind him in the background!
  • Yu talking to Tsubasa to try to get him to fight the dark power. That took a lot of guts on Yu's part!
  • Ginga defeating Ian by using his own Cyclone Stadium against him.
  • Masamune's battle against Zeo. Also doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • Ryuga's battle against Jack. Especially winning the battle by knocking Jack's bey into the eye of the peacock Jack himself had carved into the stadium.
  • Gingka's battle against Damian. The majority of which took place in Hell.
  • All the battles that go on after Dr. Ziggurat literally crashes Gangan Galaxy's victory party. We have Gangan Galaxy, Wang Hu Zhong, and, later, Wild Fang up against Team Garcia, Team Starbreaker, and Julian Konzern, all the battles taking place right in the middle of the city. The best part? Its all in New York City!!
  • Tsubasa and Yu arriving just in time to help Gingka get into the now floating Hades City.
  • Dashan and Julian's battle.
  • Yu destroying Jack's Arrangement machine with his bey. It also makes for a CMOF at the end of the episode.
    • Meanwhile, we have Tsubasa vs. Jack, EAGLE VS PEACOCK. Imangine how this battle would have went in the World Championship.
  • Gingka and Masamune's battle against Faust/Toby.
  • Kyoya's battle against Damian.
    Kyoya: Your little fangs are just too clean!
  • Masamune and Zeo working together to get Toby back. Also doubles as a CMOH.
  • Gingka and Ryuga working together to stop the Spiral Core before a meltdown occured.
  • Yu's battle against Tsubasa when he managed to create a rainbow-colored version of his Inferno Blast to throw off Tsubasa's strategy. He still lost, but he did put in a great effort.
  • Yu's street battle against the Garcias. It was three-on-one and Yu still managed to hold his own against them and would have won if Argo hadn't snuck up and blindsided him.

Metal Fury

  • Seeing both Galaxy Pegasus and Rock Leone evolve into Cosmic Pegasus and Fang Leone is truly amazing!
  • Sala's debut, being in a village that doesn't allow Beyblade, but she still practices anyway is pretty dang cool.
  • When Yuki's Mercury Anubius evolves during his battle with Ryuga.
  • When Kenta becomes a Legendary Blader. He'd put a lot of time training throughout most of the season while travelling with Ryuga and it's all lead up to this point. He's no longer the crybaby we knew in the previous seasons and is now a full-fledged blader!
  • Kenta's battle against Tsubasa during the Tower of Babel tournament. Tsubasa started off the battle by going easy on Kenta, expecting him to be too weak to need to go all out. Kenta immediately shows that he's greatly improved as a blader and even forces Tsubasa to go all out and even then, Tsubasa almost lost! Definite CMOA for Kenta!
  • Kenta rescuing Sala from the fire.
  • Kenta's decision to go travelling in order to help his friends by finding Ryuga and trying to convince him to join Ginga and Co.
    • As well as actually convincing Ryuga to let Kenta come along with him by showing his determination.
  • Aguma's first battles, in which he defeated both Kyoya AND Ginga.
    • Better yet, Kyoya vs Aguma, round 2.
  • Ginga's entire group making it through the labyrinth.
  • Tithi, in general. He may be shy, but he's a very powerful blader and is also the Legendary Blader of Venus. He managed to damage Libra with a Goomba Stomp attack, which is a No Sell for Libra.
  • Yu standing up to Kyoya when Kyoya began to try to bully Tithi into battling him.
  • Kenta battling Ryuga to try to stop him from going back to his old ways. He even managed to place a crack in Ryuga's L-Drago.
  • Yu, Masamune, and Kenta sneaking aboard the helicopter that was taking Ginga and co. to where they would fight Nemesis.
  • Ryuga passing on the power of the star fragment to Kenta, even at the cost of his life.
  • Kenta's battle against Pluto.
  • The final battle of Ginga to defeat Nemesis for good.
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