Awesome / Melrose Place

  • When Peter and Taylor are about to get married and the priest asks if anyone objects, Peter does, saying how sick the notion of marrying his dead wife's sister is and of her being pregnant with his child (which she wasn't and he knew all along she wasn't.) As he destroys then leaves her at the altar, she is left a wallowing mess.
  • Jo's confrontation of Kimberly after the latter helped her conceal her delivery of her baby from her murdered ex's parents who won custody of the child, only for Kimberly to keep him for herself.
  • After overhearing bigoted Dr. Hobbs brag about firing Matt for being gay, Michael decides to have him fired and succeeds, even though Peter (who also overheard the doctor make the comment), initially tells him to not get involved due to their own morally ambiguous actions (although not really, they were protecting Amanda from her abusive ex, who was rendered comatose after being attacked by her in self-defense.) Also counts as a heartwarming moment as well, especially since it has the show's biggest Smug Snake showing two rare signs of conscience at the same time.