Awesome / Meat Boy

  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Odds are there is at least one song that is awesome. For me, World 2 Dark has excellent music.
    • Can we get a link up in here?
    • Here's one.
      • I like Dark World 4, personally. Can I get a link?
      • Here ya go!
      • Special mention goes to the first boss's theme, "The Battle of Little Slugger". So you beat the first world? You think this game isn't so hard after all? And then the music starts. And for the first time, you get that typical SMB feeling: "I am so screwed."
  • As of January 2012, the game has passed 1 million sales.
  • It should be said, that beating a particularly difficult level, and seeing your past mistakes go splat is a moment of awesome on its own because those levels are damn hard.
  • Triumphing over The Kids' level, from the depths of hell.