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Awesome: Maximum Ride
  • Iggy and Gazzy leading the attack with hawks in the first book.
  • Let's not forget the oil-slick Humvee crash.
  • Or the time where Max and Fang scare the people in the run-down apartment.
  • Or what Iggy and Gazzy said to the drill instructor in MAX.
  • When Ari dies suddenly in the middle of the battle with the Flyboys, Max goes BALLISTIC and beats the crap of Omega { with some handy advice from Jeb}
  • Max giving a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to the Director in book 3. After all the crap the Director put her and friends through, it was nice to see how Max lay into her like that.
  • Fang slamming a cage down on Ari's head. Or any description of his fights in the first two books, really. All of the flock can handle themselves pretty well, but whereas most of them arecombat pragmatists (justified in that two of them are children under 10, one middle-school age, and one blind), Fang has straight-up action sequences.
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