Awesome / Matthew Mercer

  • When Man at Arms made the Sword of Omens, not only did Matt himself appear in it, he actually got to use it.
  • For anyone who loves tabletop gaming, watching Matt DM a group of his fellow voice actors in Critical Role is this. Besides being really entertaining to watch, Matt is a competent DM who clearly puts a lot of work into making a fun campaign, and striking a balance between fairness and challenge for his players. Just listen to him describing details and playing new NPC characters in every episode and you can tell this is a man who's good at what he does.
    • One of the most noticeable examples is the special episode "Critical Trolls": in that one-shot, from time to time the audience got to decide what happened. Despite the comment being extremely weird, having no internal consistency whatsoever and made the players find and use the deck of wonders, he was able to hold it together and make it a fun and somehow coherent game and earning an applause from his players.
  • Matt Mercer: voice actor, dungeon master, lord of DANCE!