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Awesome: Master Chef
  • In the US version, Blind chef Christine is the epitome of awesome.
    • Ryan tried to screw Christine by giving her a live Dungeness crab for the elimination test. Obviously, the MoA goes to Christine who not only completes her dish, albeit with some difficulty, but she made the winning dish of crab ceviche cocktail! Gordon Ramsay was so shocked by how it looks that he wondered if she was really blind.
      • The MoA also goes to Ramsay, who saw through Ryan's trick and forced him to taste her dish. Unlike season two's Christian when he was put in the same position, Ryan admitted that the dish was delicious.
      • Also, while she didn't make it into the top two, Monti used canned crab to make scotch eggs, which Ramsay thought was an insane idea until he and the rest of the judges tasted them and declared them delicious. It's especially noticeable after Gordon tastes it, as his chuckle and facial expression indicate that he was not expecting the dish to be that good.
    • Early in the season, Christine is the captain in a team challenge. Thus far in team challenges (and even later on), captains struggle on trying to think of what Christine could do, due to her being blind, and often she gets stuck on just serving the food and maybe a bit of prepping and cooking. Also, she pretty much always gets picked last. That one early team challenge, however, had Christine herself as captain. After things started out chaotic, loud and messy, Christine got tired of that, put her foot down and took some serious charge, putting order in the kitchen, delegating tasks, keeping everybody focused and communicating while still doing prep and some cooking of her own. All of this was key to leading her team to victory.
      • And later in the season, during the final 6, Christine isn't picked last, instead being picked first by Becky, something Gordon Ramsay agreed with due to Christine's excellent palate, but Joe Bastianich thought it was a mistake because the specific team challenge was to cook in an actual fine dining restaurant. Joe mentioned a few times how he thought Christine would be a detriment to her team, but Christine proceeded to perform very well, helping her team win the challenge and making Joe eat his words.
    • One of the elimination challenges in season 3 was to replicate one of Graham's dishes (which was eaten by President Obama). Christine, despite her lack of sight, not only was able to copy how the dish was plated (again causing Gordon to doubt whether or not she's really blind), she also wowed the judges so much Joe cast out doubts about her cooking ability and Gordon was at a loss of what to say to praise how good her dish was.
    • And of course, Christine winning season three.
  • The premiere of Master Chef Junior has a few of these, as children aged 8 to 13 bust out amazing dishes in just one hour, some of them being dishes that contestants have struggled with or just completely failed at in the adult version of the show, such as French macaroons, molten lava cakes, sushi, and tortellinis.
  • One of the Mystery Box challenges in season 4 has Gordon, Graham and Joe introduce a guest that will be cooking with the contestants. The guest turns out to be... Gordon Ramsay, in his chef attire. Once the contents of the Mystery box are revealed (black cod, with an assortment of spices) Gordon takes 30 minutes doing things like talk to his fellow judges, observe the contestants and drink tea. The last 30 minutes he spends preparing, cooking, and plating his dish, showing the contestants the expertise of a world class chef. When the contestants taste his creation, they say it was absolutely delicious.
  • Season 5, episode 4: The contestants are tasked with creating a box of twelve donuts, and Francis L. decides to create twelve different kinds of donuts (in his words: "Go big, or go BIGGER!"); when the judges learn of his plan, they think he's crazy, and do not expect it to work. When Ramsay opens his box, he admits to being mind-screwed at the sight, and after tasting a donut flavored with prosciutto, stout, and maple syrup, Ramsay says it's amazing. Usually, when the judges predict someone's dish will be bad, it will be bad, so seeing Francis L. defy the judges' expectations is pretty damn awesome.
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