Awesome / Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

  • Princess Peach was Crazy-Prepared, allowing her to escape the voice stealing spell. Pretty badass for a normally Distressed Damsel.
  • Chopper Bros.' incredible strength means that if you pay attention on your BP and ATK stats, you have a move which is devastating to early-game enemies, and downright overpowered on later bosses.
  • As always, reaching Bowser's Castle is a treat to play through, as you fight your way through all of Bowletta's underlings: The 7 Koopalings, and Fawful.
  • The final battle with Cackletta, which takes place in the hellish landscape that is Bowser's stomach with background music that can be described as nothing short of metal, while the hideous towering abomination that is the soul of Cackletta unleashing lightning, fire, and everything else she has at you in one of the single most epic boss fights in gaming history.
  • Luigi got several of these moments.
    • Attacking Fawful with his hammer as soon as he sees him, and then knocking him out of Bowser's castle.
    • Dressing up as Princess Peach to fool the villains, and then making off with the Beanstar, much to Bowletta's fury.
    • Saving Prince Peasley from a Piranha plant.
    • By the end of the story, the guards who didn't recognize him earlier now call him "Master Luigi".