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Awesome: Maniac Cop
  • After the confrontation with Matt Cordell and his Houdon partner in the abandoned church in Badge of Silence, Detective McKinney and Dr. Fowler leave the burning premises on an ambulance. Suddenly, Matt Cordell returns to chase them with a stolen police car. Specifically, Matt Cordell on fire returns to chase them with a stolen police car.
    • McKinney gets one at end of the aforementioned chase scene. After he managed to blow up Cordell within his car, he steps out of the trashed ambulance to take a closer look. Then he casually lits up his cigar with Cordell's severed arm (which is still on fire) that was left inside the ambulance.
  • Just the fact that Matt Cordell, going by the first film's explanation, was able to survive the beating he received from the inmates and come back for his revenge.
  • The police station slaughter in the second film. It rivals the T-800's shootout.
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