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Awesome: Magi - Labyrinth of Magic
  • Pre-series: Sinbad conquering the very first dungeon fourteen years ago.
  • Alibaba revealing his superiority over Jamil in every way in Amon's dungeon.
    • How about when Aladdin tells him that he is unworthy of being a King Candidate? Considering what Jamil has done, it's nice to see this spineless bastard getting an emotional kick to the groin like that.
  • Morgiana overcoming her fears and traumas of slavery.
  • Alibaba and Aladdin beating their first dungeon together.
  • Hakuei revealing that she's a general in the Kou Empire for a reason.
  • "Presenting the new and improved Bitch Slap, now in giant economy size."
  • "I can break these cuffs."
  • Alibaba revealing exactly why he's called "Wonder Man Alibaba."
  • Sinbad and Co. dominating the Fog Troupe when Cassim comes to take Alibaba back.
  • Sinbad's pep talk to the Fog Troupe.
  • Uugo's beatdown on Judar.
  • Sahbmad overcoming his fears and anxiety to ask Alibaba to save the country.
  • Aladdin coming in to save Alibaba against Judar and Dark Djinn Cassim. Everyone still thinks they're screwed when Aladdin admits that Uugo isn't with him anymore until he reveals Solomon's Wisdom.
  • Masrur, Ja'far, and Sinbad get their vessels back.
  • Whenever Sinbad gets an Instant Harem. The other guys can only look on in jealousy.
  • Morgiana gaining her household vessel in Zagan's dungeon.
  • Masrur, Yamraiha, and Sharrkan's Big Damn Heroes moment after Al-Thamen pulls a Conveniently Timed Attack From Behind.
  • This is what happens when you mess with Sindria, bitch!.
  • Kougyoku and Sinbad's spar, in which we see two Full Djinn Equip users go at each other.
  • Alibaba's first gladiatorial fight. His first enemy is a giant ape, which outclasses Alibaba in every physical way, and intelligence. Needless to say, Alibaba is slaughtered... until he remembers how he fought with Cassim during the old days. From that point on, the advantage tilts to the other side. And for a bonus, remember the conflicting Magoi inside him? Those become one as a result of him accepting Cassim's memories.
  • Aladdin using gravity magic in order to create a giant clay doll of Uugo.
  • Aladdin arriving at the core of the battlefield to save Titus and stop this bloodshed genocide... and finally taking off the bandages covering his Power Limiter.
  • Aladdin proves his Magi power by having his new golems firing a giant laser that cuts a giant swathe from the Magnostadt to the beach miles away. Aladdin won't destroy an army but he is certainly capable.
  • Winning a large scale battle single-handedly is impressive but Aladdin does it without killing anyone.
  • After being constantly overshadowed by the magically gifted Aladdin and physically powerful Morgiana, Alibaba steals the spotlight with his first appearance blocking the ultimate attack of Reim's top general, that had the potential to destroy an entire city, with an attitude of casual finesse.
  • The arrival of Kou Empire's fully equipped dungeon conquerors.
    • Try the arrival of Sinbad and his Seven Seas Alliance, all Djinn Equipped and ready for battle. And to top it all off, Morgiana finally appears after 20+ chapters to save an exhausted Alibaba.
  • Of all people, the two Flame Djinn users, Ren Kouen and Alibaba, work together to destroy the defensive wall of Al-Thamen's father.
    • Such sights include stuff like 13 Djinn Equipped metal vessel users utilizing their Extreme Magic at the same time!. And that still wasn't enough to beat him back!
  • Chapter 208: Alibaba was requested to kneel in front of Kouen, in Balbadd. Considering Alibaba is the prince of the country, there is no bigger shame than a prince kneeling like a commoner in front of the entire court. Balbadd's soldiers were about to grief for him for bearing such humiliation but Alibaba's answer is, he told to Kouen's entire court and Kouen himself that he doesn't mind kneeling in front of him, but it's a custom in Balbadd to kneel in front of a pregnant woman to wish for safe childbirth, terrorizing the thoughts of Kouen's court that by getting Alibaba to kneel before Kouen is to treat Kouen AS A PREGNANT WOMAN!! Yeah, Alibaba, the Butt Monkey for the past few chapters, outsmarts the entirety of Kouen's court. AWESOME.

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