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Awesome: Madeline

Animated Series

  • Crowning Moment of Awesome
    • Madeline and the others facing against the villians in Lost in Paris
  • Crowning Music of Awesome:
    • Every song from Lost in Paris, especially "Togetherness Will Set Us Free''.
    • "Two Straight Lines" by Carly Simon from The Movie.
    • Also in the movie. The ending chose the PERFECT song: "What a Wonderful World".
    • From the specials:
      • "This Old House", "Something Is Not Right" from the first special.
      • "Wishes" from Madeline's Christmas.
      • "High And Low" from Madeline In London.
      • "Home, Home" from Madeline and the Gypsies.
      • "Have You Seen Our Dog" from Madeline's Rescue.
      • "Bad, Bad Hat" from 'Madeline and the Bad Hat.
    • From the TV series:
      • "A Crown Of Gold" from Madeline and the Lost Crown.
      • "Home Is Where The Heart Is" from Madeline and the New House.
      • "The Perfect Dog" from Madeline and the Dog Show
      • "You Find Magic When You Find A Friend" from Madeline and the Magic Carpet
      • "Ah Paris, Ooh La La" from Madeline and the Treasure Hunt
      • "Without You" from Madeline and the Science Project - which is also a Tear Jerker.
      • "The Best, Best Gifts In The World" from Madeline's Detective School
      • "Rootin' Tootin' Hoedown of Buckeroos, Bonjour" from Madeline and the Wild West
      • "No One Else Is You" from Madeline at the Louvre


  • Pepito setting off his crackers, scaring away the Indian ambassadors as Lord "Cookooface" tries to bring them back, much to his humiliation.
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