Awesome / Madea's Family Reunion

  • Lisa playing "Grit Ball" with Carlos. To explain: Carlos slaps her in the face while they're in Madea's kitchen, at which point she takes a hot pot of grits off the stove and throws it in his face. While he's writhing in agony, she takes the opportunity to beat him with a frying pan. Added to this scene is Madea laughing as she can hear Carlos screaming from outside the house.
  • Vanessa finally standing up to Victoria.
    I am not your tragedy! Lisa, I thought she was just controlling you, but she's been controlling me too. I worry about my children. About what someone's gonna do to them, every second that they're out of my sight. I have a man who wants to love me, but I won't let him because of you. I refuse to let you hold me down any longer! I'm gonna love hard. And I'm gonna be a better mother. You. Don't. Win.
    • To explain: Victoria just came to Madea's house to convince Lisa to go back to Carlos after revealing that he abused her. When Vanessa tries to talk Lisa out of it, Victoria insults her and her birth father. Then Vanessa reveals that Victoria let her stepfather (Lisa's father) rape her when she was little so he wouldn't leave. Victoria, then, tells Vanessa that she did a lot of things in her life that she regrets, including having her as a daughter, but she won't apologize for the decisions she made. This results in the aforementioned speech.