Awesome / Lux-Pain

  • There are too many in this game, but most noticeable in Episode 19 when Atsuki gives Edward a masterful Shut Up, Hannibal! speech while laughing like a madman.
  • There's also Episode 20, where all of Atsuki's friends (except Rui, since she's targeted) try to calm down the witch hunt. Mika and Shinji went to SEAGULL to broadcast the truth, Hibiki, Honoka, and Ryo were saving the patients in the hospital and it's hinted that Hibiki was killing the Silent infectees that were attacking; Akira and Yayoi went out in the mob-infected streets in order to rescue Nami. Toma, whose mind-reading powers let him know the mobs were coming, hid Rui in the Soejima Mansion to avoid the angry mobs trying to kill her, and Nami went to fight Graham directly, though she loses.
    • Even those who weren't part of the core group did their parts: Aoi kept the school in order, Kenichi Mido and Enokida created havens in their pastry shop/post office so that the girls would have a safe place to hide.
  • Akira finally managing to control his temper in order to kick Hamana out of his dad's restaurant thus preventing him from laying a hand on Nami and Atsuki. And he does this without raising a fist at him.
  • Ryo figuring out something that FORT couldn't figure out. By using the machine that Takano was using to identify the OD, he basically scanned all of Kisaragi and found that the area around the bank is different from the rest. This tells Atsuki and FORT that Edward is hiding here.
  • Yayoi standing up to Yamato despite the fact he has a gun pointed at her.
    • And after that Hibiki murdering Yamato in cold blood. FORT can call him a villain but to this troper and the school, he's a hero.
    • Akira took a bullet wound to the shoulder, but left the hospital the next day with minor injuries. Even Atsuki is impressed with his stamina.