Awesome / Lord Marksman and Vanadis
aka: Madan No Ou To Vanadis

  • In the beginning of Volume 1, we see Tigre take down take down two horses, one shot each, from 300 meters away and face down certain death with bravery, but those exceptional shots could've been due to his bow. Then Tigre gets captured as a prisoner of war by Ellen and she has him demonstrate his skill with the bow again by hitting a target 300 meters away in four shots. However, the soldiers give him a horrible bow, and laugh off Tigre's first two shots. Then, an assassin shows up with a crossbow to kill Ellen and fails. The assassin flees, and Ellen's soldiers can't catch up to him...until Tigre, who'd used the first two shots to get a grasp on the poor quality bow, calmly asks Lim if she wants him alive and then shoots him down from over 300 meters away in the ankle, shutting up all of the soldiers and proving he has true skill in archery. Ellen even notes that she could have been killed if Tigre had more than just four arrows on him during their initial confrontation.
    • In the anime version of said confrontation, it should be noted that Ellen cut Tiger's fourth arrow out of the air lengthwise.
  • A young Tigre in the backstory versus an Earth dragon. He won with just a bow and arrow and this was an ordinary bow.
  • About Once A Volume, Tigre combines the power of the black bow with a Dragonic Tool. Each of these moments is a CMOA, whether it's sniping a dragon from the sky, punching a hole clean through a layered steel fortress door, rendering a legendary juggernaut incapable of motion, slaying a demon or two, punching a massive hole through a castle keep in one shot or carving massive holes in three ships with one arrow, parting the ocean in the process.

Alternative Title(s): Madan No Ou To Vanadis