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Awesome: Lone Wolf and Cub
  • While the main character, Itto, seems to have an existence made entirely out of the transition between these moments, other characters get them too; e.g., Abe-no-Kaii - after suffering a life of being utterly pathetic throughout the book - is sentenced to commit Seppuku, where he redeems himself. When he loses his nerve, guards attempt to force the knife into him themselves, at which point he gains new strength, beats and kills several of them, and refuses to go down despite further injuries and a gaping wound in his stomach. Only after Itto reveals that after him, Itto is next, followed by Abe's master (who framed him in the first place so as to have him put to death). Abe calms down, and graciously accepts a beheading from his nemesis, the Lone Wolf...and his head does not stop guffawing with laughter until five minutes after falling from his body.
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