[[caption-width-right:227:[[InfinityPlusOneSword The Sommerswerd]]]]

For a series of RPG novels, the ''Literature/LoneWolf'' gamebooks win at these. There is at least one every book, but these are a few of the highlights.
* In the second book, you wipe out a Darklord by merely drawing your [[InfinityPlusOneSword sun-powered blade.]] And you can do it again in the twelfth book.
* In the third book, when Lone Wolf finally faces Vonotar, he summons a hideous undead EldritchAbomination to fight you. Provided Lone Wolf has a certain item, he can take control of the beast himself. Vonotar's OhCrap reaction when he sees his own Akraa'Neonor about to capture him with its slimy tentacles? ''Priceless''.
* Book 4: "For Sommerlund! For Sommerlund!"
* In the fifth book, you can steal a giant bird from the castle you have been captured in and ride it to safety. Until it gets shot. And then you are rescued by a ''giant flying ship'' powered by a wizard. A ship crewed by ''dwarves''. Who drive off a flock of Kraan with ''guns'' in a medieval fantasy setting. And depending on choices made earlier, they perform a maneuver where the skyship ''does a barrel roll''; the enemy boarders are thrown off, but the dwarves ''hang on to nets'', shouting "Blood for Blood!"
* One of the first things newly minted Kai Master Lone Wolf does in Book 6 is drive off an entire band of bandits ''without a combat encounter''. Later, he stops an evil young noble from killing an old man in a tavern by shooting an arrow at him in the blink of an eye. You don't even have to pick a Random Number; Lone Wolf is ''just that badass''.
* The denoument of BigBad Gnaag's EvilPlan at the end of Book 10 is a rare Crowning Moment for the Darklords.
* Book 11: Lone Wolf [[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu kills a god]].
* Book 12 has to be elaborated. If Lone Wolf uses the Sommerswerd to kill Gnaag, it unleashes a burst of sunfire that reduces Gnaag to a '''''scorch mark on the floor'''''. It's implied that having hidden its power so long inside enemy territory where merely drawing it will kill you, the sword is just itching for a good scrap.
* In book 14, the same wizard from book five has been captured by the enemy, and you immediately go to free him. He later casts a spell to save you from the enemy. Not impressive in itself, unless you know that magic in this world is explicitly powered by physical energy, and he's been beaten badly and is barely conscious.
* Captain Prarg averts Lone Wolf's tendency to get his companions killed in Book 15 when he escapes from captivity offscreen and shanks an evil wizard who has Lone Wolf dead to rights. That's right, the ''MauveShirt'' saves ''TheHero''.
* One for a sufficiently well prepared Lone Wolf, who went through the previous books in the series comes at the start of book 17. When a friendly magician offers him an amulet of protection, a weapon capable of slaying a being of immense power and a way to hide such a weapon, Lone Wolf waives it all aside with the equivalent of a simple "I've got it covered already".
* The GrandFinale of the Grand Master Series has Lone Wolf go through the many kingdoms of the Plane of Darkness before invading Naar's castle at the very center, killing his [[TheDragon Dragon]], stealing back the Moonstone, rescuing the trickster demigoddess Alyss, and escaping. Not only that, but when he breaks out the Sommerswerd, Naar, the nigh-eternal [[BigBad dark god]] at the very heart of his domain, '''hides''' rather than fight Lone Wolf himself! He lets Kekataag do the grunt work and when he falls and Lone Wolf opens a shadow gate to escape, he ''still'' doesn't budge!