Awesome / Loki

Loki has had many of these appropriately-named "awesome moments" and shall detail the very best of them properly for you mortals here.

  • Several times Loki has succeeded in his quest to rule Asgard! In early issues, this was done by stealing my stepfather's Odin-ring, which made me supreme ruler. When Thor tried to protest, our dear father responded by removing his mouth, as not even Odin can disagree with one who wears the Odin-ring. Sadly, such conquests rarely last more than a few issues.
  • I once turned Thor into a frog, and would have succeeded in gaining the throne if he hadn't lifted Mjölnir at the last moment.
  • My manipulation of Balder the Brave must be acknowledged. After I killed him with his one weakness, mistletoe, Balder was forced to wade through an ocean of blood and everyone he ever killed to return to the world of the living. Henceforth, he became a pacifist and renounced all violence. When he heard that I was consorting with Malekith the Accursed, and needed to deliver a message from Odin to me, I ignored him as he was captured and prepared for execution. Balder slipped his bonds and, with no other choice as the delivery of the letter could save billions of lives, was forced to renounce his vow as he singlehandedly killed every demon in the hall. At which point I revealed that I had already accepted to work with Malekith, tossed the letter over my head, and laughed that it was so delightful to watch a pacifist slay his thousands that I couldn't beat to mention it before.
    • Balder then threatened to kill me via decapitation. I goaded him into it, and he ran screaming into the night, cursing himself... and when he left, I picked up my head and placed it back on. After all, the first thing a sorcerer of quality learns is making himself as difficult to kill as possible.
  • While plotting out my far-reaching plans before the Siege event I realized I needed control of the Dsir. You know, The Dreaded undead Valkyries that eat souls? So naturally the best option was to beat them into submission with my bare hands, and get them to swear fealty to me. Take that mortals who claim Loki is nothing without his spells!
  • I gave the mercenary Deadpool his gift of Breaking the Fourth Wall by doing it myself. I also convinced him he was my son, to get back at Thor. When Deadpool failed to defeat my brother, I cursed Deadpool with the face of Tom Cruise and made him completely indestructible until he apologized.
  • I turned my own grandfather into snow after traveling through time, then returned to the present and tricked Thor into killing him, causing him to be exiled yet again for killing a member of the Asgardian Royal Family.
  • When fighting an imposter of Thor, Eric Masterson, I became enraged when he sucker-punched me. I enacted revenge by seizing his arm with machinery and shocking him enough to release his hammers, then slapped him to the brink of unconsciousness. To make things even better, he reverted to his mortal form due to losing hold of Mjölnir.
    • Earlier in the same fight, I took out Beta Ray Bill with one shot from behind.
  • Even Loki's LEGO self is not to be trifled with, mortals! In LEGO Marvel Superheroes, I successfully outwit Dr. Doom and Magneto and brainwash Galactus to devour Earth and Asgard. And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling gamers.
  • In Marvel Ultimate Alliance, I storm Asgard with an army of frost giants and trolls. When the heroes catch up to me, I deliberately throw the fight to trick them into freeing the Destroyer for me, which I then proceed to control. And foreknowledge of my plan won't help you, humans. It has to be done to progress in the game.