Awesome / Little Mix

  • Not only were they the first girl group to win X Factor (and only the second to last longer than month, notch), but they're the first group to ever win during the series period.
  • Their performance of En Vogue's Don't let go should be the dictionary definition of badass.
  • The band sticking up for Jesy against hateful trolls and for Jesy pointing out to her fans that all shapes and sizes can be beautiful, and as long as you're healthy and happy the way you are you should take pride in it. It is worth noticing Jesy has lost weight since then, probably because a pop star is a very physically demanding career with the dance routines, and has toned her curves, but she has insisted she is still a size 10, even after a suspicious pic from a gym in LA led to tabs claiming she lost a larger amount.
    • When Perrie posted a racy bikini photo on Instagram in July 2016, which clearly displayed her full length stomach scar, the result of oesophagus surgery when she was a child, it received a lot of supportive comments from many fans who had scars themselves. She had openly admitted in 2012 it was her biggest issue, “Mine is my scar on my stomach. When I was little, my esophagus was too small, so I had to get it operated on to help me eat properly. I had to have lots of operations, so that’s why I don’t want to show it,” said Edwards in 2012, hence she barely had any photos in bikinis ect until a pic with Leigh Anne in August 2015, which was also the day her split from Zayn was confirmed. She has done numerous ones since then.